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Referat über die Band AC/DC

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About the band History

…is the name of an Australian hardrock band which was founded in 1973 from two brothers, Angus- and Malcolm Young. They moved to Australia as children.
The name 'AC/DC' (alternating current/direct current) was suggested by their sister Margaret Young after she read it on a sewing machine label. Some have said that the name stood for „Anti-Christ/ Devil Children“ or „Anti-Christ/Death to Christ“ but they dislike the band.
The first concert of the band was on Dec. 31st 1973 evening in the Nightclub “Chequers". Nobody thought that these young men became any success with their songs. In February 1974 the first single came: „Can I sit next to you girl ?“ with Dave Evans at the Vocals. The song sounds like “Glam Rock” (it’s rock which was very popular at the 70’s in England). At this time the drummer and the bass player changed a lot.
In 1974 leave Dave Evans the band and Bon Scott came as new singer in the band. At this time, AC/DC found their new style and the songs were harder. With Bon Scott as new singer, AC/DC got very successful with their new LP’s “Highway to Hell” and “High Voltage”. They gave concerts all over the world in full stadiums. The fans loved Bon for his voice and written songs. They were crazy about him and some followed Bon from one town to the next town.
6 years AC/DC enjoyed the very big success with Bon, but then, he started to drink und take drugs. On 19th February 1980 a man found Bon dead in his car. He died of his own vomit. Nobody knows what will happend with the band.
4 months later Brian Johnson was the new frontman and singer of AC/DC. With their new album “Back in Black” AC/DC got biggest success in their carrier and won a lot of prices. Back in Black was the most successful rock album in the world. In 2002, Q magazine named AC/DC as one of the „50 Band’s To See Before You Die“.
The song “For those about to rock” is the AC/DC hymne. It will always be played at the end of a concert. After “For those about to Rock” the album “Flick of the switch”, “Fly on the wall” and “Who made who” were not very succesful.
After a long break, AC/DC hat a great comeback with “The Razors Edge”. With songs like “Thunderstruck” they conquered the charts.
In 2000 AC/DC started with their new album “Stiff upper lip” a world tournee and were at the Olympiastadium Munich in 2001 in the Olympiastadium Munich. The show was sold out in 20 minutes, said the band!

About the band
First I will tell you some things about Angus Young. Angus, is an other word for AC/DC. With his “Duckwalk” and his schooluniform he got very popular and looked a little bit crazy. But this is it, what is special for AC/DC. In every concert he puts his pants down and shows his underwear with the country flag on it.
Phil Rudd, the drummer of the band play, very relaxed and sometimes it looks, he hate and bores his music.
On every concert a big bell come, when the song “Hells Bells” start.
To the song “For those about to Rock”shot some cannons in the sky.
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