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Korrektur - Inhaltsangabe "Sunday, Bloody Sunday"

Frage: Korrektur - Inhaltsangabe "Sunday, Bloody Sunday"
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Hab eine Inhaltsangabe über den Song "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" geschrieben und es wäre ech nett wenn ihn wer korrigieren könnte! Ich ware euch, mein Englisch lässt zu wünschen übrig!

The song, “Sunday, Bloody Sunday”, sung and also written by the Irish band U2 is a political protest song from the album “War” which was realized in 1983.
The song is written in a rock style. The band U2, which consist of the five band members, Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen was established in 1976 and got the name U2 in 1978. They were inconsequential, only one star in the wide starry sky, until they took part to a talent show and won beside the prize money of 500 pound a record contract with “CBS Records”, which was their recess. They got one hit by one. In 1980 they signed a record contract with “Irish Records” and published many songs, which became great hits in many countries. The band campaigned for many beneficent organizations and activities, like the organization “Greenpeace”, or organizations against AIDS and the poverty in third-world-countries. Even their lyrics are still famous, which are not negligible, they tell a story. In their songs, they deal mostly with the subject of Christian belief and politic critic.

The lyrics of this song address to the horror in North-Ireland-Conflict and all inequities that happened on this “Bloody Sunday” in Derry. It is about the situation there, the dead bodies that lie on the streets and the bedraggled children. It also tells about how families were torn apart and how the people fear for their live, how they hope to end this war, because is no use, they have lost many lives but eventually there is no winner only lost people and that fearful experience that might never go away. All is contorted, fact might be fiction and T.V. reality, the people disbelieve their eyes, they cannot believe what is happening, because it is so awful and coeval they cannot look away and let other people fight for them.

I think the songwriter is a very sentimental person, because of the modality of the lyrics he wrote. Maybe he witnessed that event, he know how terrible it was and wants to divide his experience and feelings with the people, or he tries to treat those experiences in his mind and speaks about that. Or maybe he has only pity on the people in Derry, who witnessed that awful “Bloody Sunday” and wants the other people also to have pity.

In my point of view, the song has not been written to a certain group of people, no it has been written to the whole world.

I think the message of the songwriter might be to bring the awful events home to the people in the big wide world. He tries to touch the people emotionally. He wants the people to have compassion with the affected people; he wants to show them how much unfairness thinks were done, to show them, how they took the life of innocent people, he wants to show them, why this happened and that, for nothing, for a silly conflict between Catholics and Protestants. To communicate his feelings the songwriter uses many metaphors and images, like the image “Broken bottles under children’s feet, bodies strew down on the street [...]”, which illustrates the adversity of the people.

For me the song is really successful. I find it really important, that, that subject is addressed; it is important to show the people, who do not know what happened and the ones who knew and only looked away, to talk at the conscience of them. How can someone look way, when that person know what is going on, how can this person live with the conscience to have only looked away and how can look that person in the mirror without having abomination with them? Why nobody did help them? Anyway I cannot understand why people do such thinks. The fight was not necessary, why can people not agree with each other? They are both Christians, or not? So why the fight, why the wasted lives? What distinguish the Catholic to the Protestants, they believe to the same god, they have the same holidays and the most important thing, and they are both humans, the one with the same worth as the other. So much live could be saved, so much events haven not to happen, but it seems that is much easier for the people to pull out the arms instead to speak with each other, instead to try to understand each other. The only language they speak is fight, without regard of losing. Not only the North-Ireland-Conflict could be avoid, when people spoke to each other, no there are several conflicts like that, like the World Wars. For the future I hope, there will not be such misunderstandings between people, I hope they brace oneself and speak to each other, I hope they regard and respect each other and not adjudge people because of their belief, because of their parentage or their colour of the skin.
GAST stellte diese Frage am 08.03.2010 - 23:34

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Antwort von hasenhasser (ehem. Mitglied) | 14.03.2010 - 15:47
du noch die Korretur? Wenn du ihn mir auf die email legst, korrigier ich ihn dir...

Antwort von GAST | 14.03.2010 - 15:57
Susi 44! Das, was du geschrieben hast, ist natürlich keine Inhaltsangabe.
Überprüfe zuerst, ob du eine Inhaltsangabe oder eine Interpretation des Songes oder nur einfach einen Tet darüber schreiben musst.
Ansonsten ist ja bereits der hassenhasser bereit, den Text zu korrigieren.

Antwort von GAST | 14.03.2010 - 18:42
Sorry ich mein natürlich Interpreatioin!

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