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'Lord of the Flies' , William Golding(1911- 1993)

-He puts the war in his hero's life, as it was put in his own life-

The story is about a group of young boys who are the only survivors of an airplane accident on a small uninhabitated island. The boys try to be independent because they have to survive alone, without any adults to help them. They choose one of the older boys as a leader. Most of them take their survivingas a game because they want to have fun until they are rescued although there are a few aspects that make them feel uncomfortable (>>the beast and so on). But soon they begin to separate themselves in two groups because of their different ideas about the way of handle their lives. The first group belongs to Ralph, the leader, a boy who wants to keep order on the island, and the other group belongs to Jack, a boy who habors a lot of emotions like anger an savagery. The two groups finally end up in a war, they become savage and merciless like wild animals.

Main Charcters:
order, democracy war, evil, savagary
Ralph: the boy with the conch Jack : about 12 years old, red hair, twelve years old, blond freckled, ugly
„good-looking“ leader of choir-hunters
leader overtakes Ralph as a chief
conflict with Ralph
Piggy: short, overweight, wares glasses Roger: small; dirty, shaggy, black hair
(constant polishing) , asthma, no mercy
wants to keep peace first one who tries to kill another smart boy
sadistic pleasure
Jack's helper

William Golding wants to explain the important role of war in everyone of us. In this case he explains that war is a game which every human being knows. Golding describes the real nature of a human being and wants to make clear that none of uns is as innocent as we think, because the human never gave up this war game and will never get out of it (look at ending of the story).

How the island might look like:

additional material from 'Lord of the Flies', Diesterweg, edited by Dieter Smolka
Simon's death
Piggy's death
Meeting place
Lord of the flies
Dead parachuist
Ein Handout für einen Buchvorttrag über das Buch "Lord of the Flies" von William Golding mit ausführlicher Inhaltsangabe (Summary) und einer Charakterisierung der Hauptfiguren (371 Wörter)
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