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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein - Inhaltsangabe/Zusammenfassung

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Author: Mary Shelley

Title: Frankenstein
Robert Walton, who is an explorer, meets on his way to the North Pole a man, called Victor Frankenstein, in a very bad situation. Frankenstein has a very bad past and tells his story to Robert Walton.
Frankenstein grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, and had two younger brothers and an orphan sister. His family was in a good situation and they lived very glad until his mother had died. That time, Frankenstein was very sad, but he had to go to Ingoldstadt, because he wanted to attend university to become a chemist. There he became very interested in natural philosophy and discovered the secret of life. Now he was able to create life. So he went to hospitals and took dead bodies’ parts. After several time his creature was finished and opened his eyes. It became a real frightening monster, so that Frankenstein had afraid of his own creation and ran away. He was ill for a very long time and was nursed by his friend Henry. Then he got a letter from his father. In the letter his father described that his brother was murdered. So Frankenstein went back to Geneva and saw on his way the monster that he created and recognised that it was the murderer of his brother. But another human was applied as murderer and was suspended. So Frankenstein couldn’t stay in Geneva anymore and moved to the mountains. There he saw the monster again. Then the monster told him its live story.
The monster left Frankenstein’s laboratory and went to a village to make friends and have a wife, but all the humans living there had attacked it. So it moved to another place and found a hut at the side of a small house. A man lived in this house with his two children. One day the monster wanted to make friends with them and went to their house. The man was blind, so that he wasn’t frighten by the creature, but later his two children came back and chased it away. After these events the demon wanted to take revenge by his creator.
After the monster had finished, it asked Frankenstein to make a female monster, with which he could live and promised not to kill someone anymore. Frankenstein agreed and moved to England to begin his work. Before he moved, he promised his orphan sister, Elizabeth, to marry when he returned. When Frankenstein was finished by forming the body of the woman, he couldn’t do anymore, because he thought that then it would be more dangerous for the world. Frankenstein destroyed his work, but later the monster appeared and said that he made a mistake and promised to take revenge by him.
Frankenstein returned to Geneva and married after some time Elizabeth. On their wedding night Frankenstein knew that the monster would be come and went downstairs the hotel. When he came back, he found Elizabeth lying dead on the bed and cried. After his father heard about the death of Elizabeth, he died too and Frankenstein lost all members of his family and was ready for revenge. He followed the monster to many countries and finally he was taken aboard by Robert Walton’ ship.
After Frankenstein tells his story, he wants Mr Walton to kill the monster, if he can’t do it himself. Frankenstein can’t survive and after his death the monster comes aboard and says that its revenge is successful and that it hasn’t a reason to live anymore. It jumps into the icily water and disappears.
It was really very exciting to read the book.
It wasn’t difficult to read it, so that I hadn’t to look into the dictionary.
Celebi Cicek, 4b, May 17th, 2006
Mary Shelley`s "Frankenstein": Inhaltsangabe des Buches, (623 Wörter)
29.01.2008 von unbekannt
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