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Charles Webb - The Graduate : Kapitelzusammenfassung (englisch)

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"The Graduate" by Charles Webb

part 1 / 1:

· Benjamin Braddock who is 20 years old has graduated from college
· he gets a new sports car for his graduation
· comes home, parents gave a party for him
· Ben is not happy about the party, he has some things on his mind
· Ben got an award for teaching – does not know what to do in future
· his father asked Ben what is happened – no nswer
· a neighboor, Mrs Robinson, is in his room and does not want to go – she asked a lot of things – no answer of Ben
· he has to drive Mrs Robinson at home
· Ben has to stay until her husband comes home because she said she is frightened
· she tries to seduce Ben
· she was naked and was available to him
· Mr. Robinson came home and took a drink with Ben – he wants Ben to go out with his daughter Elaine, a student
· Mr. Robinson drives with Ben at home to check the new car

part 1 / 2:

· it is Ben’s 21st birthday
· last week he walked all the day
· parents‘ present: diving-suit
· neighboor family is sitting in the living room
· Ben has to present his gift in the pool
· his guests are making a show out of this
· Ben wants to go on a trip
· he thinks his study years are useless
· walked away without anything

part 2 / 3:

· trip lasted less than three weeks
· was in the north – big fire – he fought it
· did also some other jobs
· "trip was a waste of time"
· talked to queers, farmers, tramps, drunks, whores
· spend some nights with a whore?
· does not want to go back to school
· relaxing time / doing nothing

· he wants to begin his affair with Mrs Robinson
· drives to an hotel – phoned her to come there
· theyy take a room
· she removes her clothes
· Ben is not really sure to do this
· Mrs Robinson believes he is a virgin ??
· Ben is shocked and showed her that this is not true

part 2 / 4:

· Ben was no longer eligible for the award
· celebrated it quietly and by himself
· he spent most of his time at home (alcohol, cigarettes)
· one evening Mr. Braddock comes to Ben to have a discussion with him
· talked about his actual behaviour, values, money, future
· they were interrupted by the visit of the Robinsons
· Mr. and Mrs Robinson talked about future and girls with Ben
· later his mother talked to him: he feels wothless, at night he drives to Los Angeles in a bar, took a room in a hotel when he is drunken
· wrote a letter to Mrs Robinson: he is a nervous wreck, he is going to teach or talking a position at a college
· wants to stop the affair before it leads in a disaster, but he enjoyed it
· the affair goes on frequently, it gets routine, always the Taft Hotel
· Ben wants to speak with Mrs Robinson before having the affair – art, his+her day, Mr. Robinson
· Mr. and Mrs Robinson sleep in different rooms, do not love really each other, only marry because she was pregnant
· Ben wants to know al the background information: she studied art, gets pregnant in his car (Ford), Elaine – "Ben is not good enough for her"
· Ben did this affair out of boredom
· he does not like himself doing this, likes her
· Ben has to swear that he will never take out Elaine Robinson

part 2 / 5:

· Ben’s father: go out with Elaine to get a swoother relation between our families
· Ben has a date with Elaine
· Ben is not very polite to Elaine -> does not eat, visit a strip show
· Elaine wants to go home, cry
· Ben said it was my parents‘ idea
· he kissed her
· restaurant
· Ben was sent away from the college because of failure
· they drive to the Taft Hotel
· do not get the ordered drinks, Ben was called "Mrs. Gladstone"
· left the hotel
· Elaine gets to know that Ben had an affair with a married woman

· Ben wants to visit Elaine
· her mother talked to him in the car before he can go into the house – Elaine is not right for him – never go out again with her
· Ben runs into the Robinson’s house
· mother comes – Elaine gets to know what is happened (Ben + her mother ...)
· some weeks later Ben decides to marry Elaine

part 3 / 6:

· Ben wants to move to Elaine in Berkley and marry her, nobody knows that
· drives to Berkley in a hotel
· gets to know where Elaine lives
· sells his car, writes two letters
· he waits to see her at the university -> speak some words
· Ben leaves her
· meet another day -> street –> bus -> zoo -> Carl Smith
· want to meet by Ben

· Ben has to say that he is here because of Elaine + he has to promise to leave the town
· Mrs Robinson lies to her daughter – rape, against her will, alcohol -> Ben says the truth to Elaine
· she screams -> landlord called the police
· Ben has to leave his room until tomorrow
· Elaine wants to know why he is here
· Ben is allowed from Elaine to leave Berkley when he has definite plans
· they phoned – Ben has no plans
· packed his clothes
· in the night Elaine stands in the door
· she has cried – they kiss – Ben: Will you marry me?
· Elaine does not know
· tomorrow night they get together
· she has to leave

part 3 / 7:

· a telegram of Mrs Robinson -> leave Berkley + Elaine
· Elaine comes – gets a ring
· Ben's plan: blood test, flying home, get birth certificat in her house
· Elaine thinks she is not intellectual enough for Ben
· Ben wants to work as a teacher!?
· Carl Smith already asked her for marrying
· she does not know if she wants to marry Ben

· Elaine gets a letter from her dad: she should not see him, dad will come, the Robinsons will divorce
· Mr. Robinson comes next day to Ben – why have you done this?
· Ben says that he loves Elaine
· Mr. Robinson wants Ben in prison if he ever looks at Elaine
· Ben looks for Elaine all the day
· next day: dormitory, cafeteria, library
· Mr. Braddock comes to Berkley: Ben should not see Elaine any more, he should pack, dad did an appointment with a psychiatrist, he beats his son, Ben leaves the house

· Elaine leaves school – message: sorry
· roommate has to help Ben

· roommate phoned with Mrs Robinson
· Ben takes a taxi to the airport

· Ben is at home, in front of Elaine's house
· goes silently in the house
· Elaine was not at home
· he asked her dad where she is – she should marry another man
· Mr. Robinson called the police
· Mr. Robinson does not say anything what is about Elaine
· police comes – Ben runs away

part 3 / 8:

· Ben gets a letter from Carl Smith to a friend
· Carl will marry Elaine because Elaine's father want it
· Ben goes to the marriage – gets trouble with the father and Carl
· Elaine and ben leave the church
· take a bus
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