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Inhaltsangabe von Harry Potter Chapter One

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Chapter one of Harry Potter: The Boy Who Lived

Mr and Mrs Dursley live in Privet Drive 4 with their son Dudley. Their biggest fear is to see the Potters again, because they think they’re strange, unDursleyish and they just don’t like them. Lilly Potter is Mrs Dursley’s sister.
One day something strange was going on. Mr Dursley wanted to go to work, when he saw an odd cat, which was reading a map. This was the first strange thing on this day. The second followed during the break at work, when he saw lots of people wearing cloaks. These people were talking about the Potters and Harry, their son, what Mr Dursley had heard. Immediately he got nervous. When he arrived at home he heard on TV, that lots of other strange things had happened, like many owls flying during the day and shooting stars. He decided to tell his wife nothing about this. After a while he saw the black cat again, still sitting on the edge of the garden wall, and reading a sign, this time.
At night, when everybody had gone to bed, an old man, named Albus Dumbledore, appeared, put all lights of by clicking on an odd thing, looking like a cigarette, and went next to the cat, which had transformed into a woman, named McGonagall. They talked with each other about the Potters, who were killed by Voldermort, except Harry. Now they had to find accommodation for Harry, who was just a baby, and brought him to the Dursleys. Then Hargid, a friend of Dumbledore, fell out of the air with a motorbike and with Harry Potter wrapped up in blankets. Then they put him in front of the door of the Dursleys’ house and put a letter on him.

Die Ihnhaltsangabe von Chapter One aus dem enlischem Harry Potter Buch (Philospher's Stone). (297 Wörter)
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