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text kürzen "romeo & juliet"

Frage: text kürzen "romeo & juliet"
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könnt ihr mir vielleicht helfen und den text kürzen bzw. einige sätze umändern?

In her room Juliet is impatiently waiting for the wedding night. She wishes that the sun would set faster. by referring to phaeton, son of the ancient Greek sun god Phoebus, Shakespeare ominously predicts the lovers` fate again, becuase Phaeton drove his fahters` chariot too fast and was therefore slain by Zeus. Phaeton`s ruinous speed also applies to Romeo`s and Juliet`s falling in love at first sight and their fast secret marriage. Speed is not only a characteristic of the characters` decisions and actions but also of the whole play that presents the tragic love and death of Romeo and Juliet that only convers about four days in two hours. Juliet longs for Romeo to come and the night to begin and addresses Night as a person who makes secret love possible teaches her to lose her virginity and fulfil her desires. But when she wishes taht after her death Romeo would be cut into stars and make everybody love night, Shakespeare ironically predicts the lovers` fatal end again.
Frage von sitzenbleiber (ehem. Mitglied) | am 30.10.2008 - 19:17

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