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Referat: About a boy (von Nick Hornby) - reading log

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About a boy

Topic: Will Freeman: his way of life and his attitudes towards people

Ausführliches Lesetagebuch von "About a boy" in Tabellenform mit Personenangaben, Ortsangaben, Zeitangaben, Charakterisierung und den Veränderung verschiedener Personen. Es wird für jedes Kapitel einzeln angegeben, was passiert.
Die Ausarbeitung verschafft einen guten Überblick über das Buch und stellt eine gute Hilfe zur Analyse verschiedener Charaktere des Buches dar. Besonders Will Freeman wird genauer analysiert, da es Aufgabe war, seine Veränderung im Laufe des Buches herauszustellen.

Die Tabelle ist wie folgt aufgebaut:

who (siehe Dokument), where, when, what, Character development, quotations (siehe Dokument), Info on our topic

Info on
our topic
At Marcus’ and Fiona’s house (at home)
In the evening
They talk about their family, about the splitting up of Fiona and Marcus’ dad
- Marcus is a 12-year-old boy
- good and close mother-son-relationship
- Marcus is interested in his mum’s life
- His mum seems to be the child who needs to be taken care of

- Marcus doesn’t want to watch soaps because he doesn’t want to remind his mum of her problems

Aspects of language:
- M. hides his thoughts, isn’t able to express them
- Speaks with the vocabulary of an adult --> he behaves and talks like his mum
1. at home
2. at John’s

Will is reading a glossy magazine and is doing a questionnaire

Will meets John and Christine, they talk about their children and Will’s life
- Will hates children
- He likes his well-ordered life (can’t believe why people want to have children)
- He behaves like a child ( --> doing a questionnaire)
- Will has got friends, but isn’t able to build up a conversation (John has got children --> Will hates children)
- Will isn’t interesting in talking about John’s children, doesn’t want to understand John’s problems
1. at home
2. in school
(early) in the morning
Marcus can’t sleep, he’s to nervous, because he has to go to school

Marcus is bullied at school, sings out loud in class
- Marcus is too shy, too weird
- He’s different than other kids
- He’s misplaces in school

1. record shop (Championship Vinyl)
2. a café
3. another meeting point

- Will meets a woman who is getting his girlfriend (Angie), Angie has got children --> Will lies and says that he likes children
- Angie splits up with Will --> Will is happy
- Will develops the idea of being a single-father
- Will tries to convince Angie with this understanding of her problems (only a lie)
- Will only wants to be a popular nice guy to get in contact with women
- s. character development
At home
In school
In the morning
- Fiona cries all the time and Marcus tries to understand why, but doesn’t get it
- At school Marcus has got two "friends” (Nicky and Mark). They aren’t real friends, but they are okay (members of the computer club), but only for a short time, they don’t want to get bullied too, and say that they don’t want to be in contact with Marcus
- Marcus is bullied again because of his singing in class.
- Marcus tries to understand his mother’s feelings, he cares for his mother and wants to know why she’s so sad
- Marcus is very unhappy that also Nicky and Mark told him, that they don’t want to be in contact with Marcus

Local adult education centre
First Thursday of the month, in the evening
- Will is going to the SPAT (Single parents – alone together) the first time and meets lots of women who are single
- Will lies a lot to make the women believe that he has got a son
- Will gets to know Suzie, who is very beautiful (a woman he was looking for)
- Will lies to make the women believe, that he has got the same problems than they have
- He tries to play a nice and poor single-father to get in contact with single-women
- Will does everything to get in contact with beautiful women, although he’s so nervous
At home

- Marcus is again bullied of some kids --> has got problems at school and at home --> lots of trouble
- Fiona is always crying, Marcus tells her to find someone else who cares for him

- Fiona doesn’t know how to help herself, she loves Marcus but isn’t able to care for him as much as she wants to
- Marcus is very confused and unhappy

In the car, in Regent’s park
Saturday afternoon
- First meeting of Will and Marcus: picnic with Suzie and SPAT
- Will expands his lies
- Will talks to Marcus about what he’s interested in
- Will thinks about his lies and how to carry on (without showing his imaginary son Ned)
- Will acts like a teenager --> reads magazines to be "up to date”
- Will’s dad wrote a popular song; that’s because Will doesn’t have to work
- Will only reads these magazines to be "cool”
- Will thinks that Marcus is a strange/weird kid --> M. acts adult-like
- Will thinks about Marcus --> What makes him so "weird”

Aspects of language:
Will speaks like a teenager (to Marcus)
In Regent’s park

At home
Saturday afternoon
- Marcus killed a duck, park-keeper holds him responsible for it --> Will defends him
- Marcus sees his mum although she isn’t there
- As they come home they see Fiona who took lots of pills --> comes into a hospital
- Will begins to be interested in Marcus/begins to like him
- Marcus first hated Will, but now begins to like him
- Fiona tries to kill herself --> lots of problems
- Will changes his opinion towards Marcus and the other way round

In the hospital
Later, in the evening
- Fiona has to stay the night in hospital --> doctors pumped her stomach
- Will cares about Marcus and his problems
- Will gets thoughtful, thinks about the other’s problems and not only about himself
- S. character development
- Will forgets his "problems” for a moment --> forgets about his lies (Ned and Paula)

Aspects of language:
Will curses (‘Fucking hell’)
At home
When Fiona comes back home
- Marcus reads the suicide letter
- Fiona feels better
- They watch a comedy-film, but also with the theme suicide, which Marcus didn’t know
- Marcus doesn’t want to watch a film about suicide
- Fiona doesn’t understand Marcus
- She wants to watch the film anyway
- (Marcus wants to protect his mum)
At Will’s home

- Will again thinks about his life, and is wondering to ask Fiona and Marcus to go out with them, because he thought that they would need him more than Suzie, but phones her to ask if it would be good to invite Marcus and maybe also Fiona
- Will is wondering how he could make Marcus happy
- Marcus phones Will to ask him, if he wants to go out with him and his mum --> he blackmails Will (Marcus only wants to go out, if his mother can go with them)
- In the afternoon Will buys a car-seat und soils him to make it look like it is used all the time
- Will begins to think about his life and the problems of other people (Fiona and Marcus)
--> keeps his life in the background
- Will still tries to make his lies look real
- Marcus is very impudent -->

- Will begins to think about his life and other people’s problems
- Will thinks about the thoughts of other people, wants to make them happy
In London, bus stop …
Twenty-Eight (restaurant)

- Marcus plans to couple Will and his mum; tells his mum to get changed for the restaurant
- Marcus thinks that they would be a nice couple and that everything would be perfect, but Will isn’t interested in Fiona
- Marcus thinks about Will; if he likes him and why
- Marcus followed Will home
- Marcus has a presentiment that Will hasn’t god a son
- Marcus hopes to find a boyfriend for his mum
- Will doesn’t like Fiona, only wants to make Marcus and Fiona happy
at Will’s home

- Will thinks about Fiona
- Will thinks about the whole situation and his plan to make Fiona and Marcus happy but for a few days hasn’t got any interest to help them
- Fiona and Marcus invited Will, Will enjoyed the conversation but doesn’t like the singing of Fiona and Marcus --> he doesn’t say anything, just waits not to make them unhappy
- Marcus visits Will without getting invited before --> he wants to take Will to task for his lies (he knows that Will hasn’t got a son) --> Will doesn’t know how to justify himself --> Marcus blackmails Will
- Marcus is more and more interested in Will and in his life

- Marcus is a clever boy
--> blackmails Will --------------------->

- Will keeps himself more and more in the background
--> he visits Fiona and Marcus although she doesn’t like it

- Marcus thinks about Will’s lies --> he doesn’t want to tell them Fiona because he is afraid of being separated from Will
- Marcus starts visiting Will every day after school, although he doesn’t like the TV show Will is watching, Marcus lies that he likes the show to stay at Will’s house
- Marcus gets on Will’s nerves at the beginning, but Marcus doesn’t disturb this
- Will and Marcus talk about Marcus and his problems at school and at home --> Will gets to know that Marcus is bullied at school
- Will wants to help Marcus to solve his problems and tries to find the reasons for them --> is very interested in him
- Will thinks about how to help Marcus --> is more and more interested in making Marcus happy
at Will’s home

- They talk about Fiona and Clive
- Will protects Marcus from two boys
- Will wants to know if Marcus is bullied at school
- Will buys new shoes for Marcus
- Marcus’ new shoes are stolen by pupils
- Will says that he feels sorry for Marcus but Marcus’ problems are not his problems
- Will is in a position that he can says he has no problems
- Marcus sounds like a hundred-year-old man for Will
- Will wants Marcus to look ‘cooler’
- Will buys Marcus new shoes (for sixty pounds)
- Will makes Marcus happy although he does not want to sleep with his mum
at Marcus’ home,
at Will’s home, in the car
after school
- Marcus tells his mum about, the shoes and about the 'real’ Will
- He said that he spends every day in Will’s flat
- They drive to Will
- Will and Fiona scream at each other
- Fiona doesn’t understand Marcus’s problems
- Discussion between Will and Marcus(Marcus said he needs a father)
- Will starts to understand Marcus even more
- He wants to help him
- Fiona knows that Will is a liar and she wants Marcus to stop visiting him
- Marcus is really honest and the first time he doesn’t think only about her mothers problems
( --> he needs a father)

- Marcus know how he can hurt his mum ( to say that he needs a father) and he does it (the first time)
at home

somewhere for a drink

November the nineteenth

the next day
- Will hears the ‘Santa’s Super Sleigh’ song (the first time this year)
the reason why he hates Christmas
- his father hates it especially
because of the interviewer
- Fiona calls Will and they meet each other to talk about Marcus
- Will doesn’t want to be involved in the education of Marcus
- They have a conflict
- Will wants to spend Christmas at home
watching millions of films and getting drunk and stoned
- Fiona needs help for Marcus from
- Will explains that Fiona doesn’t
should believe everything
that Marcus tells her about his feelings

- Fiona asks Will for help
- Will doesn’t want to help
- Will realizes that in some aspects he understands Marcus better then Fiona does

Aspects of language:
Marcus says often stupid things like ‘Cowabunga’.
Will uses words like ‘Piss off’, ‘fucking kid’ and ‘fucking school’
at home

at school

- Marcus asks his mum about the meeting with Will
- Marcus waits in front of the headmistress’ office to talk to Mrs. Morrison
- He talks to Ellie, a fifteen-year-old girl (she makes fun of him)
- Marcus has a conflict with Mrs. Morrison, he shouted at her and left school
- Marcus realizes that they never Will be a family
- He is a truant and a little bit proud of it
- He thinks his whole life changed from this morning on
- Fiona doesn’t like Will, but Marcus does
- Marcus wants to protect his mum (p.127)
around London

at Will’s home
at two o’clock

4:15 p.m.
- Will drives around London and see Marcus
- Marcus visits Will
- Will tells Marcus something about Nirvana
- Will realizes that Marcus needs help to be a kid, not an adult
- He wants to help him and tells him everything he wants to know
- They talk about Marcus’ problems
- Will explains that he doesn’t know everything
at school

at Will’s home

at school


- Marcus talks about Kurt Cobain with Ellie and Zoe (the make fun of him)
- Marcus tells Will the story about Ellie+Zoe
- Zoe and Ellie say in front of all pupils that Marcus is their friend
- They take him to other Nirvana-fans which also make fun of him
- Marcus feels stronger and he thinks that the girl’s like him
- Will is more realistic and tries to explain what the girl’s might think of him
- Marcus feels like they (Zoe, Ellie and Marcus) are a trio
- The girls make fun of him
- He feels good at school and the first time he talks to other pupils

Aspects of language:
Will says ‘jerk’ to Marcus.
Marcus speaks more self-confident.
Will uses informal English(so Marcus sometimes doesn’t understand him)
at Will’s home

at Marcus home
- Marcus invites Will to their Christmas "party"
- After a discussion Will agrees (that he comes to the "party"
- Christmas evening (eating and presents)
- Will doesn’t want to get drunk and stoned at Christmas
- Will thinks that Fiona and Marcus are a pair of losers
- Will sees that Marcus is a good kid
- Will thinks Marcus gets stupid presents and he is wondering how gracious Marcus can be
- Will wants to make Fiona and Marcus happy (he doesn’t only buy something to have a present)
- Will thinks about the feelings of the others
at Marcus home
The same Christmas evening
- they watch the queen on TV
- Clive rolled a joint
- This is how the conflict between Fiona, Lindsay and Clives start
- Marcus doesn’t understand anything (like Ironic)
at a New Year’s Eve party
- Will gets to know Rachel at the party
- Rachel believes that Marcus is Will’s son (Will doesn’t want to tell her the truth)
- At midnight they kiss each other

- Will never wanted to fall in love but Rachel was different than his other girlfriends
- He was surprised of the experience that he fall in love
- Will realizes that Marcus is the most interesting thing in his life
- Marcus is the most interesting thing in Will’s life
at Suzie’s New Year’s Eve party
- Marcus sees Ellie at the party and she hug and kiss him on his head
- They talk about the year 1993
- Ellie gets Marcus a Coke with Sherry
- They talk about Fiona and about the fact that she wanted to kill herself
- Ellie is embarrassed because of the way her mum is dancing
- It is the first time that Marcus drinks alcohol, but first he doesn’t want to do it because he thinks that he is not allowed to
- Fiona gets drunk
- Marcus asks Ellie if she wants to dance
--> laugh about him
- Marcus couldn’t imagine that his mum acts like Ellie’s mum did
at Will’s home

at Rachel’s home

- Will wants Marcus to come with him to Rachel, because Rachel thinks that Marcus is his son
- Will doesn’t think that this is his fault
- Marcus wants Ellie to be his girlfriend
- Marcus tells Will about his favorite food, his birthday and something else (Marcus thinks he needs it for his ‘lie’)
- Since New Year’s Eve Will only think about Rachel
- He wanted Rachel to be his wife
- Marcus falls in love with Ellie
- He wants to be with her all the time and tell her everything
- Rachel forgets Marcus name
--> W ill thinks she doesn’t think the
whole time about him (Will)
so falling in love is rubbish (for Will)
- Will thinks about a marriage
- Will thinks it is rubbish to fall in love, but it’s to late for him

in Ali’s room
at the bus station
at Rachel’s house
at school
After school on Monday
- Ali threat Marcus, so Marcus run away to get a bus home
- Will catches him and takes him back to Rachel
- Ali cries and says sorry for everything he said to Marcus
- Ellie helps Marcus with the owner of the newsagent and with Lee Hartley and his mates
- Marcus doesn’t want to destroy the relationship of Will and Rachel,
because he needs Will’s help to become Ellie’s boyfriend
- nobody bullies Marcus at school
because of Ellie

- Marcus loves Ellie’s style, her beauty and her ability to beat people up
- Marcus is treated badly by Ali

In a restaurant
At Rachel’s home

- Marcus and Will talk about women (Marcus – Ellie, Will – Rachel)
- Will thinks that Marcus and Ellie don’t fit together as girlfriend and boyfriend
- Will thinks about his lie to Rachel and decides to correct it
- As Will tells Rachel, that Marcus isn’t his son she doesn’t get angry and is only interested in the relationship between Marcus and Will
- Will thinks again about his life (s. character development)
- Will thinks that he changes his life in his own thinking; he has become a slave of his feelings, he fells in love with Rachel
- Will is more and more going to be vulnerable
- Will learned that lying is not the right base for a long relationship
- Will thinks about spending the rest of his life with Rachel ---------------->
- s. character development
At Fiona’s home
At Will’s home
In school

- Will cared about Marcus --> bought him new glasses, took him to have a new hair-cut
- Fiona starts crying again all the time
- Marcus asks Will for help but in Will’s opinion he isn’t able to help --> Marcus gets angry, he makes their relationship uncertain, they discuss about their relationship
- Marcus is disappointed that also Ellie can’t help him but is happy that she cares about him
- Will thinks that he isn’t able to help, (maybe he doesn’t really know how to help)
- Will thinks that he hasn’t got any meaning for Fiona
- Will makes his own life uncertain; makes his meaning for other people uncertain --> is vulnerable
At Rachel’s home

- Will thinks about Fiona and if he should talk to her like Marcus asked him but isn’t sure because he doesn’t really want to get involved in that --> Will find himself in a moral dilemma
- Will thinks about "the point” why live should go on, but can’t find a definition
- After a long conversation with Rachel Will knows what is meant with "the point” --> he likes Rachel’s positivity
- Will has sex with Rachel and is very happy that it happened, but again thinks about if it’s the most important thing of their relationship
- Will realizes with the help of Rachel that Marcus really likes him and that he became a very important person for Marcus
- It is a new experience for Will not to have sex for a few weeks although he likes Rachel so much
- Will is sure that he want to live the rest of his life together with Rachel --> (maybe) the first time in his life he feels real love
- s. character development
At Fiona’s home,
At the tube station
end of winter, beginning of summertime, nearly Easter
- the beginning of the summertime lets Marcus hope to have a better time than in the last winter
- Fiona tells Marcus that he has to visit his dad but Marcus doesn’t want to
- As Ellie tells him that she would come with him, Marcus gets very happy because he hopes to become a more closely relationship with Ellie
- Marcus and Ellie are going to visit Marcus’ dad
- Marcus wants that Ellie trust him
- Marcus loves Ellie and wants that she trust him to have a more closer relationship
- Marcus doesn’t want to go to his dad at first, he thinks that his dad never cared about him all the time and is angry that his dad now wants to see him
A pub in Islington

Pizza Express on Upper Street

- Will wants to meet Fiona and Rachel in the pub to talk about Fiona’s problems; but only Fiona comes, Rachel doesn’t
- Will at first doesn’t know how to talk about the problems and isn’t sure if he’s the right person for this
- Fiona is happy that he can talk to a person about her problems --> she tells Will how she felt the last time
- Will gets to know that Kurt Cobain has shoot himself and is fearful because he doesn’t know how Marcus Will think about this
- As they are at Fiona’s home they get to know that Marcus is at a police station in Royston
- Fiona is happy that she can tell Will her problems --> she needed a person to talk to
- Fiona knows that there is nothing that Will can do to help her
- Will is fearful about Marcus, because he doesn’t know how he would react when he would hear about Kurt Cobain’s death --> he is fearful that Marcus maybe would connect it with Fiona
- Will thinks about Rachel and is at first angry about that she didn’t come --> he wants to hate her but couldn’t
- Will thinks that Fiona is depressive hippy-liberal woman
- Fiona thinks she is depressed, and it’s an illness
- Will wants to help Fiona although he doesn’t want to sleep with her
(near) Royston Station,
police station

- Ellie and Marcus are on the way to Marcus’ dad
- They talk about life, especially Ellie’s life
--> She thinks her life is ‘shit’ but
Marcus thinks that this is entitled
- Before the train stopped at Royston station Ellie suddenly jumps off the train; Marcus follows her
- As the come to a record shop Ellie throws her shoe into the window, because she wants to set free a poster of Kurt Cobain because she is angry that people want to make money with his death
--> Marcus and Elli are taken to a
police station
- Clive and Lindsey arrive because
they were phoned by a policewoman
Marcus thinks about his life and what has going on the last time and about his relationship with Ellie
--> he thinks that his mum is responsible for everything bad, that happened the last time
- Marcus is sure that he doesn’t want to have Ellie as his girlfriend any more because of her bad behavior
- He thinks they don’t fit together
- Marcus is astonished as Ellie says that Marcus is her friend
- Marcus gains more and more self-confidence
- Marcus don’t like Ellie’s opinion about life and thinks that her opinion is entitled
- Marcus says to his father that he is a useless father
- He don’t like that Lindsey pretends to worry about him
On the way to the police station (in the car),
At the police station

- Rachel, Fiona, Will and Katrina (Ellie’s mum) are going to pick up Ellie and Marcus at the police station
- They talk about Ellie and her behavior
--> Katrina thinks ‘she is out of control’
- Ruth, the owner of the record shop
Arrives and explains that she is a big fan of Kurt Cobain and that she feels nearly the same as Ellie
--> Ellie is very happy about that
- Will thinks about his relationship to other people and is happy to have those ‘friends’
--> he is happy to be one of them (one of the ‘trio’)
- Will thinks that these connections are all because of Marcus
- Will is going to be very sensible
--> tries to understand the feelings of the others
- Marcus thinks that Marcus and Ellie Will be forever friends
10:30 pm

- Marcus, Clive and Lindsey are going to Clive’s house
- Lindsey leaves Clive and Marcus alone (she goes to bed)
--> Clive wants to be alone with Marcus (‘then Clive sort of nodded at Lindsey’…P.245,line 49-50)
- Marcus and Clive talk about the last
--> Now Clive knows that he wants to care more about Marcus and that Marcus needs a father
- Marcus thinks that he Will cope at
school and with everything else and feels a sort of security
- Clive is happy that he could talk to Marcus in a normal way
- Clive says to Marcus that Lindsey wanted a baby
- Marcus says that he like it, although he doesn’t
--> Marcus wants Lindsey and Clive to be happy
- Marcus thinks about being arrested and playing truant
at Marcus home
On a Saturday
- Will took Marcus and Ali somewhere out (most Saturdays)
- They go to the cinema
- Ali asks Will if he is going to marry his mum
- Will wants to stay together forever with Rachel
- Marcus thinks couples are not the future
- Fiona sees in how far Marcus changed and it seems that he is much older
- She thinks he smokes
- Will lost his shell, his cool and his distance, he felt scared and vulnerable
- Fiona lost a big chunk of Marcus
- Marcus lost himself
- Will misses Marcus
- Marcus hates Joni Mitchell
- Marcus dressed better; other hair cur; he doesn’t sing out loud; Zoe & Ellie are still his friends
- Marcus has developed a new sense of belonging, part of a human pyramid

Aspects of language:
- Informal language (swear words; colloquialisms)
- Talks more sincerely and expresses his thoughts through words
- Understands and uses irony
--> he behaves and talks like an ordinary teenager
Ein sehr ausführliches Lesetagebuch von "About a boy" in Tabellenform mit Personenangaben, Ortsangaben, Zeitangaben, Charakterisierung und deren Veränderung verschiedener Personen und natürlich was passiert für jedes Kapitel einzelnd angegeben (daher auch 10 Seiten lang). Verschafft einem einen guten Überblick über das Buch mit einer guten Hilfe zur Analyse verschiedener Charaktere des Buches, besonders über Will Freeman, da es damals unsere Aufgabe war, ihn genauer zu analysieren und seine Veränderung im Laufe des Buches herauszustellen. (109 Wörter)
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