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Summary - About a Boy

Alles zu Nick Hornby  - About a boy

Chapter 1

Location: Marcus' and Fiona's home
Characters: Marcus, Fiona and Roger

Summary: Fiona, Marcus' mother, splits up Roger, her boyfriend. Marcus is interested about the reasons they broke up, so they have a conversation about it. After that they are watching TV, but Marcus worries about her mental state, so he only chooses "troubleless films. Then they order a pizza and have a quite normal evening.

Chapter 2
Location: Will's flat
Characters: Will, John, Christine and their children Barney and Imogen

Summary: Will spends an afternoon alone in his flat. Later that day he visits John and Christine, two friends of him, who got a few weeks ago a new baby called Imogen. They want Will to be the godfather of Imogen, but Will doesn't really like children. That's the reason why Will broke up with Jessica, so Will starts to think about her.

Chapter 3
Location: At home / school
Characters: Marcus, some kids from school

Summary: Marcus can't sleep because he's afraid of school. Marcus is weird and he knows that the other kids bully him because they know he doesn't want to defend himself. But firstly after the break they read a book and then discuss how to get to know if somebody is mad. One girl makes a bad joke about Marcus' singing in class and the young teacher doesn't defend him.

Chapter 4
Location: Record shop / cafe
Characters: Will and Angie

Summary: Will meets Angie, a young mother in a record shop. He likes her, so he pretends, that he likes children, only to get the chance for a date with her. First their relationship seems to work but then Angie splits up because she thinks Will doesn't want to waste his time with a single mother so she quits their relationship.

Chapter 5
Location: At home / School
Characters: Fiona, Marcus, Nicky and Mark

Summary: Fiona starts to cry in the morning and Marcus knows that this is a bad sign. Later in school, at break time, Nicky and Mark, two friends of Marcus, send him away because they are afraid that they get the victims of the older guys who always harass him, too. Marcus doesn't have a great time at school in general because they always mistreat him by reason of his behavior.

Chapter 6
Location: Will's home / adult education centre
Characters: Will and the SPAT Members (SPAT= Single Parents - Alone Together)

Summary: Will pretends to be a single father because he wants to join the SPAT group to meet more women like Angie, who really impressed him. At the single parent group he meets Suzie who seems really nice to him. To join the group he invents Ned, his imaginary two year old son.

Chapter 7
Location: Shop / at home
Characters: Fiona, Marcus, Mr. Patel and some stupid guys

Summary: Marcus goes shopping because he wants to spend the weekend at his father's home in Cambridge. But at the shop are some bad guys from school who are following Marcus and put some sweets and other things in his pocket. Mr. Patel finds the things in Marcus pocket and is forced to think that he wants to steal them. Luckily Mr. Patel saw the boys so Marcus can go home without a punishment. At home Fiona tells Marcus that Suzie has invited him to the yearly SPAT picnic but he isn't pleased about it because he doesn't like SPAT.

Chapter 8
Location: Regent Park
Characters: Will, Suzie, Marcus and Megan
Summary: Will meets Suzie and Marcus at Regent's Park to the picnic. Will doesn't know Marcus because Suzie hasn't told anything about him. Will thinks that Marcus is really weird so he treats him not nicely. His behavior towards Marcus is quite unfriendly but Marcus doesn't act better than Will. Later that day Will forgets Ned, his son, in conversation with Suzie. Meanwhile Marcus wants to feed a duck, but the piece of bread is too big so he kills the duck.

Chapter 9
Location: Regent Park
Characters: Suzie, Will, Marcus and the Parkkeeper

Summary: Marcus is shocked about the dead duck. A parkkeeper appears to punish Marcus for his "murderer" but Will defends him. After the parkkeeper goes away, they bring Marcus home. When they arrive at the flat they find Fiona lying on the sofa, looking really ill. She had attempted suicide so Will calls the ambulance. On the one hand Suzie is really angry about Fiona because she has a child but on the other side she's also afraid of life-threatening situation.

Chapter 10
Location: Hospital
Characters: Will, Marcus and Suzie

Summary: Will, Suzie and Marcus are going to the hospital. He tries to make Marcus happy and is friendly to him because he feels pity for him. Will now invents Paula, his ex-wife because Suzie wants to know the name of her.

Chapter 11
Location: At home
Characters: Marcus, Fiona and Suzie

Summary: Fiona has written a farewell (Abschiedsbrief) and Marcus finds it when he gets home from hospital. Later that day Suzie comes to bring Fiona back home. Marcus feels really strange and is afraid of his mother's health so he decides not to trouble her that they can spend a normal evening with no trouble.

Chapter 12
Location: Will's flat
Characters: Marcus and Will

Summary: Suzie calls Will and asks him if he could take a little bit care about Marcus because she thinks he's lonely. Will agrees and buys a magazine to find out what he can do with Marcus when he takes him out. In the afternoon Marcus calls Will. He uses the chance to invite Marcus to do something with him, but Marcus only wants to if he can take his mum with them. Will agrees again. Later that day Will visits the mother care shop to buy a car seat to convince to Marcus and Fiona that Ned exists.

Chapter 13
Location: London
Characters: Marcus, Will and Fiona

Summary: Marcus wants to go to Planet Hollywood because he has heard that you can meet sometimes meet celebrities there. But they have to wait a really long time so Fiona and Will decide to go to another restaurant. At the restaurant which Will has recommended Fiona and Marcus tell him that they are vegetarians. Will can't understand this. He also can't find anything good at Fiona so it's a terrible afternoon for them.

Chapter 14
Location: At home
Characters: Marcus, Will and Fiona

Summary: Will visits Marcus and Fiona for the first time. But now he really knows that Fiona absolutely is not his type. At home Marcus and Fiona are singing "Killing me softly" at the piano with eyes closed what makes Will feeling sick. Later that week Marcus visits Will and they spent an afternoon together. That's why Marcus knows now that Will doesn't have a child but he doesn't really care about it.

Chapter 15
Location: Will's flat
Characters: Marcus and Will

Summary: Marcus visits Will again. Will doesn't know why but they spend the afternoon again together and talk about many things like music and television.

Chapter 16
Location: Will's flat / Shop
Characters: Will, Marcus, some guys from school and the shop assistant

Summary: Will almost likes Marcus' visits. One day Marcus ran away from some bad guys from school and comes to Will's flat to be secured. That day Will recognizes that Marcus is a really poor kid with no friends and no luck so Will and Marcus go out shopping. Will wants to buy Marcus cool, but expensive shoes. Marcus doesn't want this but at least Will can convince him. The day after Marcus visits Will again after school, but without the cool boots. The kids in school had stolen them.

Chapter 17
Location: At home
Characters: Marcus, Will and Fiona

Summary: Fiona is really mad about Marcus because she doesn't know about his visits at Will's flat. But she's also mad about Will because she thinks he is only so nice to Marcus because he wants to abuse him. That's why they start a real big discussion. Then Fiona and Marcus have a discussion, too. Fiona doesn't like that Marcus makes decisions without asking her before.

Chapter 18
Location: Town / Will's flat
Characters: Fiona and Will

Summary: Will listens to his father's song first time this year. He hates this song although he earns money with it. Fiona calls him in the afternoon. She thinks that Will already take part in Marcus' life because he chooses him as his personal role model. So they decide to have a meeting to talk about the whole situation about Marcus and Will. Will doesn't really like Fiona, she seems too weird to him. Fiona doesn't want Marcus at Will's place because she doesn't really like him, too.

Chapter 19
Location: At home / School
Characters: Fiona, Marcus, Ellie McCrae and Mrs. Morrison

Summary: Fiona forbids Marcus to visit Will but he won't obey her. At school Marcus has to talk with the headmistress Mrs. Morrison about his shoes. At the headmistresses office he meets Ellie McCrae, a really rebellious girl at his school. They had a real weird conversation and Ellie makes jokes about Marcus because he doesn't know who Kurt Cobain is. Mrs. Morrison doesn't really help Marcus; she only gives him finger tips to get out of the way of the shoe thieves. That makes Marcus really angry so he goes away from school.

Chapter 20
Location: Upper Street / Will's flat
Characters: Will and Marcus

Summary: Will sees Marcus walking down Upper Street although he should be in school. In the afternoon Marcus comes to Will's flat again. At first Will doesn't want to answer the door but then he opens it. Marcus tells Will about the story with Ellie and asks him who "Kirk O'Bane is and Will explains him everything. Will sees now that he should teach Marcus how to be a real kid.

Chapter 21
Location: School
Characters: Marcus, Ellie and Zoe

Summary: At school Marcus talks to Ellie again and he sees that she is nice to him. Elli and her friend Zoe think that Marcus is really funny. That's why Ellie takes Marcus to the older pupils form room. On the way to get there a teacher stops them because he thinks maybe Ellie wants to hurt Marcus but she tells him that she has adopted Marcus.

Chapter 22
Location: At home
Characters: Will, Marcus, Clive, Lindsey
Summary: Marcus invites Will to spend Christmas with them, at first Will doesn't want to because he thinks Suzie is mad about him but then he says yes. He thinks that they have a strange kind of Christmas and is wondering about why Fiona and Clive can be nice to each other although they have nothing in common anymore than Marcus. Will gives Marcus the "Never mind" LP by Nirvana, which makes Marcus really happy.

Chapter 23
Location: At home
Characters: Will, Marcus, Suzie, Fiona, Clive and Lindsey

Summary: Fiona and Clive have a serious discussion about Clive's joint and that he always takes drugs in front of their son. Then Suzie and Megan arrive for a drink and a chat. Marcus is angry about the others behavior towards Will because they aren't really nice to him. Suzie is angry about him because she always thinks that he's a real single father. But Marcus tells them that they have to be nice to Will because Will is his friend.

Chapter 24
Location: New Year's Eve Party
Characters: Will and Rachel

Summary: Will meets Rachel first time at the New Year's Eve Party. He really thinks she's nice. Later that evening they are kissing each other and find out that "both" have a twelve year old son, because Will doesn't tell her that Marcus isn't his son. Alistair, Rachel's son, is also Nirvana fan. Rachel and Will want to meet each other again together with their "boys". Will also tells Rachel that Fiona is his ex, so Rachel thinks she has met the perfect single father to fit.

Chapter 25
Location: Suzie's home
Characters: Marcus, Ellie, Suzie, Ellie's mum, Tim Porter, Fiona

Summary: Marcus is at Suzie's New Year's Party and Ellie is there, too. Marcus now sees that 1993 is not the best year he ever had. Marcus worries also a little bit about Fiona, because people like her, that means such unhappy people, often kill themselves at such days. Because of that Marcus and Ellie have an interesting conversation about parents, suicide attempts and their roles in society. Marcus wants to dance with Ellie but for her there's nothing more embarrassing than dancing. Later Ellie and Marcus catch Ellie's mum kissing Tim Porter in the garden.
Chapter 26
Location: Will's flat / Rachel's flat
Characters: Marcus, Will, Rachel and Alistair

Summary: Will tries to explain Marcus why Rachel thinks he's his son but Marcus can't really understand. Will wants Rachel to be his girlfriend although he only meets her once. Will wins the discussion; they go to Rachel and want to play father and son. Marcus tries to teach Will pieces of information he should know if he plays his father. Will is a little bit embarrassed about Marcus because Alistair is much cooler than Marcus with his cool clothes and such stuff.

Chapter 27
Location: Rachel's flat
Characters: Marcus, Will, Rachel and Alistair

Summary: Alistair is really mean to Marcus and he says he's going to kill him if his father goes out with Rachel. Marcus runs away from Rachel's place because he's fed up with Alistair and his speech impressed him really much. Will finds him at a bus station near Rachel's place; he can convince him to come back and tells him that Ali is crying like a little baby because Marcus left. Rachel tells them that her last boyfriend hasn't been as nice to Alistair as he has to be so Ali is also afraid of a new relationship of her. Later Marcus and Zoe go shopping. While the girls buy chocolate bars, some guys appear and bully Marcus. Because of that Ellie hit one of them.

Chapter 28
Location: Will's flat
Characters: Marcus, Will and Rachel

Summary: Marcus is fascinated about Ellie hitting this guy. But Will tells him that their relationship seems for him more like an owner-pet relationship a normal one. Later that day Will meets Rachel for supper and he tries to explain her the whole thing with Marcus but she can't really understand why he did that. Because of their conversation Will recognizes that Marcus means anything to him, that he had become vulnerable.

Chapter 29
Location: At home
Characters: Marcus, Fiona, will and Ellie

Summary: Marcus has some good weeks without realizing it but then Fiona starts crying again in the morning. Marcus tells Will that his mum is depressed and wants him to help her. But Will explains Marcus that they only are friends although if he's an adult, it's not his duty to care about his mum. At school Ellie is sad because Kurt Cobain had a suicide attempt but Marcus can't understand her because he thinks that his mum is more real than Kurt and his problem is much more important than hers.

Chapter 30
Location: Rachel's home
Characters: Will and Rachel

Summary: Will has a really strange mood, so he decides to visit Rachel. He can't understand why they've had no sex yet. Few times later she wants him to go to her bedroom to have sex. Later Rachel explains Will why Fiona is such depressed and she agreed to talk to her.
Chapter 31
Location: At home / King's Cross
Characters: Marcus, Fiona and Ellie

Summary: Marcus'dad breaks his collar bone so Fiona wants to visit him but Marcus doesn't feel pity for his dad; but he has to go. Ellie wants to come with him, what makes Marcus happy. At the day they want to leave, Kurt Cobain commits suicide. Marcus wants to hide this news from Ellie but she already knows it.

Chapter 32
Location: Restaurant
Characters: Will and Fiona

Summary: Will, Rachel and Fiona want to meet them for supper but Rachel doesn't appear, so Will is alone with Fiona and is forced to talk to her. Fiona cries a lot but he can help a little bit because he listens to her. Later that evening they leave the bar and go to Pizza Express to order some pizza. Will now knows Fiona better than before. Fiona is worried about Marcus because she knows that Kurt Cobain killed himself.

Chapter 33
Location: Train / Royston
Characters: Marcus, Ellie, Clive and Lindsey

Summary: Ellie gets drunk at the train to Cambridge and they have a great conversation about their lives and the general sense of life. Suddenly, at the next station, Ellie leaves the train and Marcus follows her. Ellie destroys a window of a record shop because there's hanging a picture of Kurt Cobain. Marcus and Ellie have to go to the police station because of the broken window. Later Clive and Lindsey arrive and Marcus and Ellie have an interesting discussion about Clive and his care about his son and Fiona's suicide attempt.

Chapter 34
Location: London / Police station
Characters: Fiona, Will, Katrina, Ellie, Marcus, Clive, Lindsey

Summary: Katrina, Ellie's mum, informs Fiona about everything so they call Will to drive them to Royston. When they arrive, there are really bad vibes at the police station. The owner of the record shop, Ruth, arrives and get on Ellie bad side (sich unbeliebt machen) because she thinks that Ruth only wants to make money with Kurt Cobain, but then she realizes that they are huge fans of him. Later they all can leave the police station and go to eat some burger. Marcus has a discussion with his father because he wants him to come with him but he knows, that Fiona want's him to stay at London.

Chapter 35
Location: Cambridge
Characters: Marcus and Clive

Summary: Marcus stays with his father. Clive thinks a lot about his live since his accident and knows now that he's been a bad father and wants to change his behavior towards Marcus. Marcus makes some jokes about Clive's broken collar bone. They also talk about Lindsey because she wants a baby with Clive.

Chapter 36
Location: - -
Characters: Marcus, Will, Alistair and Fiona

Summary: Will now knows that he loves Rachel. He goes out with Ali and Marcus to give their mothers a break. Ali asks Will if he wants to marry Rachel and Will have to think about it. Fiona is worried because Marcus seems much older now but Will tries to explain her that this is good for him. He makes a test: Will wants Marcus to sing a Joni Mitchell song but Marcus doesn't want to. Now Will knows that his help changed Marcus and himself,too.
Inhaltsangabe zu Nick Hornbys Roman About a boy. Es wird jedes Kapitel in 4 - 8 Sätzen zusammengefasst, außerdem werden Orte und in der Szene vorkommende Personen angegeben. (3199 Wörter)
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