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Referat: Vortrag: Ballsports - Ballsportarten

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-the Aztehks and Maya played already Ball sports
-religious backround
- belive it could change the weather and make the summer longer
-a lot of this old games are the forerunner of the games we play today
- in the Middle Ages football was very spread in Great Britan (GB)
- at this time it was a very rough game without rules

-how the name say you need a Ball for Ballsports:
there are several Balls like: -shuttlecock (for Badminton; 7 feathers on a corcball)
- soccer ball ( made with leather)
- football ( -..- ; American football, egg form)
Sport: American Football
-very famous in USA and Canada
- pitch is subdivided in 20 parts
- one part = 1 Yard (=4.57m)
- one pitch is 20 Yard (91.4m)
- in the USA it is played between Universitys and also between Profi Teams (Oakland Riders..)
- play with an egg-form ball
- A lot of leagues ( NFC North league
NFC East league
NFC West league
NFC South league)
-there a 10 pitchplayer and one goalkeeper on the field
- aim is to get the ball between the opposing goalline
- this is called Touchdown (get 6 points)
- most points after the game time is the winner
2) Rugby
- it is famous in GB, France, Australia and New Sealand
- have a small ball and a “bar with a net”
- 8 pitchplayers
- @ the beginning the 4 strikers build a circle
- the referee throw the ball to them
- then they had to play the ball to other players of their team
- the goal is a H form object
- they have to throw the ball in the H
- 1hit = 1point
3) Soccer
-a famous sport in a lot of countries
esp. in Europe and South America
- long time ago there were no rules for this sport
- 1862 first rules in GB; 1905 in Germany
- the most popularity speculator and amateur sport
- 10 pitchplayer and one Goalkeeper on the field
- the pitch is 70x105 m big
-the striker have to shot the ball into the opposing goal
- the defence player have to prevent it
- 1 hit = 1 point
- the players could only touch the ball with their legs, foots, heads and chests
- touches with the arm or hand are not allowed
- only the goalkeeper could take the ball in his hands in his own penalty area
- it is a very tactical sport
- a team is only good when they play together
- Individual strength is important, too
- There are a lot of leagues
- Every country has got his own league
f.e. In Germany the Bundesliga, in Spain the primera division or in USA the MLS
-The three best teams in the leagues of the countries are qualified for the Champions league (Europe)
- Other Cups are the -Europe Championship
-World Championship (the German National team is vice Champion)
- Some other teams of Bundesliga have got international state too.
f.e. FC Bayern München and Borussia Dortmund
- @ football games there are 4 referees
- one of them is on the pitch
- 2 are Line – referees (look if the ball is out of play or if a player is offside)
- 1 referee who control the trainers
- if a player make a very small foul the other team get a free kick
- if a player make a small foul he get a yellow card
- if a player make a hard foul he get a red card
- a player who has got a red card has to leave the pitch
- 2 yellow cards make one red card
4) Australian Football
-its very famous in Australia
- there are 10 pitch player and one goalkeeper
- a lot of rules are the same like soccer
- the pitch is oval
- the players play with their foots
- the ball is like a soccer ball
- the player try to shoot between the to inside posts
- then they get 3 points
- if the shoot the ball between an outside and an inside post the get 2 points
- the goalkeeper try to prevent it
- in Australia it has got the same popularity like soccer in Germany
5) Tennis
- it’s a sport which is popular all over the world
- already in the 13 Cent. People play this games
- there are every time two persons
- they try to bring the ball over the net
- they try to play the ball so, that the opposing player can't get it
- if the manage it, they get 15 points
-the person who has got 40 points wint the match and get 1 “main-point”
-the player who has got at first 6 points win the set
- when you win all sets (woman 2 ; men 3) win the match
- it is played on sand, lawn or cement pitchs
- the big Cups called Grand Slam
- they are in Wimbeldon, USA ( Fluishing Meadow), Australia ( Melbourne )
and in France (Paris)
- if player win such an Grand slam they get a lot of money
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