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Referat: Englischvortrag: pro anorexia

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General facts

Pro-ana-movement from USA
Most of supporters women.
Central slogan: “Anorexia isn’t an illness, it’s a lifestyle.”
Normally girls/ women anonymous
Societies like "Hungrig online e. V." warn against internet sites
The sites can be very dangerous and unhealthy.
Scientists Jena find out present frightening results
Every third girl + 7. Boy early form of anorexia
girls/boys become younger + younger
Anorexia isn’t only an illness any longer, is complete victory over yourself + others, who are to weak to be ana.
Many chat rooms to theme, girls console + encourage each other in their decision on stopping to eat anything
Disorder in the appetite
One hand every fifth child Germany to fat
Other hand today more then twice as much girls think they to fat in comparison with 1984.
One reason: assessment of own weight
Today, is hardly possible have normal appetite
one hand there is oversupply of food
other hand there is beauty ideal
Anas have a disturbed self-observation.
Emaciate to the bones persons think too fat.
Physical consequences
Market underweight can have hard consequences for body
Hormonal disorder Hormonstörungen
Muscle weakness Muskelschwäche
Circulatory disturbance Kreislaufprobleme
Deficiency symptoms Mangelerscheinungen
Drop of metabolism, pulse, blood pressure and body temperature
Absinken des Stoffwechsels, des Pulses, des Blutdrucks und der Körpertemperatur
Tiredness, freezing and constipation Müdigkeit, Frieren und Verstopfung
The volume of the brain shrinks Das Hirnvolumen schrumpft
Non-appearance of the menstruation Ausbleiben der Menstruation
10 to 15 percent die
permanent damage of the internal organs Bleibende Schädigungen der inneren Organe
Disturbance of the heart function Störungen der Herzfunktion
bones and teeth will be attacked Knochen und Zähne werden angegriffen
Psychic and social consequences
obsessional neurosis Zwangserkrankungen
The persons concerned lose their intellectual abilities
Betroffene verlieren ihre geistigen Fähigkeiten
Lose self-confidence and get depressions
Permanent stress and fear that somebody could find out that they are ill break off of all social contacts
High costs for food and medicine no money and enormous debts
Anas are remarkably thin.
They aren’t in contact with their body, important is head, it controls + supervises everything.
Body is enemy, that is very greedy + must be fought.
Control over body gives feeling to be free.
Persons concerned love it to cook for other persons, but don’t eat something from this
Outwardly Anas mostly live in harmonic families.
In this atmosphere they have never had chance to be themselves + to find their own identity.
During illness, nobody good enough for them.
Black-and-white thinking + depressive moods make it hard to talk + live with them
Pro-Ana websites
On these sites, the women publish their diaries and help each other to lose more and more weight.
Worked out methods have only one goal: to outwit the metabolism
On sites, Ana, short form of anorexia nervosa, is shown as a personified patron saint.
Often you can find pictures and photos of Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana and Kate Moss.
Finally visitor can see figures, that looks like sacrifices from concentration camps with young faces, beautiful hairs + lipstick
In USA they discuss if they should forbid such websites.
At sites can find many tips how to deal with laxatives, means Abführmittel, + hunger
Some sites are extremely aggressive, e.g. "The Genetics of superior Women".
There can find “perfect” plan of what a body has to look like.
Upper arm thinner than forearm / bosom is unnecessary
Since Yahoo! has closed 21 pro-ana pages, girls + women feel lonely without their association.
use little dark plates, meal looks bigger
do not so fast
do many sport
drink lot of cold water
Reasons to be Ana
Ana makes me more beautiful
Nobody can do what Anas do
No matter where I am, I am and rest thin.
Nobody can take Ana away from me.
most people can’t be Ana
with Ana I am something special
with Ana other people take me seriously
Ana don’t leave me alone
Anorexia nervosa illness with a high loss of weight which is brought about by the girls self.
Girls have the conviction that they are to fat, although they are too thin.
Biggest spreading lies 14 years.

There are 3 groups of anorexia nervosa:
restrictive Anorexia nervosa, that means that girls only eat less + less and/or they do more sport.
Anorexia nervosa with extra methods to lose more weight means that persons concerned use laxatives, other medicaments + often they vomit with the result of losing weight.
Anorexia nervosa with bulimic attacks, here time when they don’t eat is interrupted by eating attacks. During attacks women or girls eat a lot of food + after that they vomit.
The Ten Commandments
If you aren’t thin, you can’t be attractive.
To be thin is more important than to be in good health!
You have to do everything to look/get thinner.
You shouldn’t eat without feeling bad.
You shouldn’t eat “fat makers” without taking countermeasures.
You should count calories and adjust your food intake.
The numbers at the balance are more important than everything else.
Loss of weight is GOOD, gaining weight is BAD.
You never can be too thin.
Refusing to eat and being thin are signs of real success and strength

The creed
I believe in control, the one and only real power, powerful enough to bring order to my life full of chaos.
I believe that I am the most useless, most worthless and meanest person, who exists on this planet. I do not deserve to be noticed or to get some attention.
I believe that other people, who claim the opposite, are idiots. If these people saw, what I am really like their, their hate would be as powerful as my own.
I believe in “should” and “must” as the impenetrable laws to keep up my behavior day in, day out.
I believe in perfection and do everything to obtain it.
I believe that I can only reach my salvation by striving for perfection. I believe in tables of calories and memorize all values exactly. I believe in my scales, as the measuring instrument of my daily success and failure.
I believe in hell, because I live in it. I believe in a world which is only black and white, in the loss of weight, the remission of all sins, the refusal of flesh and in a life full of hunger.
Vortrag über die Essstörung pro anorexia, das Leiden der Mädchen, Folgen und Gründe.

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