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Is it a happy ending?

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William Golding: Lord of the Flies

Task: Is it a happy ending???
I do not think, that it is a happy ending. They boys landed on the island as nice and small human beings. They were all good friends and they try to survive altogether. Some month later they are almost wild animals; they even are killing each other. This shows how negatively they got influenced during this time.
You could probably say, that the rescue is a positive affection.. They are not caught on the island anymore and they are getting back in civilization. If you see it this way, you may be right that this is positive but outside there is a real war going on which they have to deal with now. They are not going into a world where everything is just good. There is a dangerous war and that means that they have to face this new cruel situation.
It would be a good ending if they there would be no war because then they would get back to civilization and their parents could help them to get over this terrible experience.
Verena Thronberens

Question: Is it a happy ending? (189 Wörter)
03.01.2002 von LsD
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