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Vancouver is a town in the south-west of British Columbia and on the west coast of Canada. It is the third largest city of Canada. The population is 611.869 and it's named after the British captain George Vancouver, who explored the area in the 1790s. 52% don't speak English as their first language, almost 30% of them are Chinese. That's why the city is often called Vankong or Hongcouver.

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The 2010 Winter Olympics and the 2010 Winter Paralympics were held in Vancouver.
In the near of Vancouver, there are three ski areas: Cypress Mountain, Grouse Mountain and Mount Seymore. In the rivers near Vancouver you can go swimming and you can also go rafting. In Vancouver, every year there are the Vancouver Sun Run and the Vancouver Marathon.

In 2007, Vancouver was the host of the FIFA U-20 World Cup.

In Vancouver they also play basketball and hockey.

Visitors can relax in the city's gardens: Stanley Park and Queen Elizabeth Garden.

The Vancouver Art Gallery has a collection of nearly 10.000 paintings and sculptures. In Vancouver, there are also the Vancouver Maritime Museum, the Museum of Anthropology, the Museum of Pacific Northwest Coast First Nation Culture and the Vancouver Museum, which is the largest civic museum in Vancouver. Another interesting museum is the Space World, where they show a collection of public art.
Virtuous people can go to a concert of Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. There are big music festivals too: the Vancouver Folk Music Festival and the Vancouver International Jazz Festival.

A great place is Chinatown, where you can find exotic food and other special things from China. The aquarium Marine Science Centre is an experience for young and old too.

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There aren't freeways, but there is a tram network (Sky Train), which connect all parts of the city. In the past there was a railway network too, but now Vancouver has buses. If you like to go by bike, you can use a lot of cycle paths in Vancouver. And you can cross many bridges over the Fraser River.

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