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Hallo, könnt ihr bitte prüfen ob das was ich geschrieben habe, grammatisch korrekt ist?

Guns in America
Guns were common in the American Colonies, first for hunting and general self-protection and late as weapon in the American Revolutionary war.
Several colonies gun laws required that heads of households (including women) own guns and that all able bodied men enroll in the militia and carry personal firearms.
Nowadays, there are new federal laws for this. Federal laws define who can sell weapons, who can buy guns and which guns are legal. These federal laws are:
The Second Amendment ( since 1791)
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
This law allowed people to own Guns.
The National Firearm Act.
Which regulates Trading, possession and manufacture of machine guns and destructive device like grenades and dynamites since 1934.
To get a permission for a private ownership of this weapons, they have to pass an examination by FBI, get the signature of the chief of the executive organ in them districts and pay 200 $ charge. The corresponding weapons must be listed in the federal office ATF. (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives)
Gun Control Act:
The sending of firearms by mail is restrict.
Sale of guns to felons is illegal.
If you want to buy a gun you have to own a green card.
The private trading above the federal limit is forbidden.
But the trading between the residents of the same states is unclear.
However , such a trade is in 15 states either restricted or prohibited.
Additional rules:
Depending on the states, there are different rules to carry firearms. For example California with California firearms law, Which says that Firearms were illegal but There are also exceptions for example you can have a gun if you’re in danger.
The concealed carry permit is very important if you want to have a gun.
Since weapon can be bought in most states you don’t really need a firearm license but there are exception to this rule in some states.
The open carry of firearms is in 11 states without a license allowed , in 13 states you have to have a carry permit, in 19 States is carrying a firearm provided with strong regulations and therefore only exceptionally allowed. In 7 states and Washington D.C is the open carry of weapons not allowed.
The concealed carry of firearms in all States is with a concealed carry permit allowed except of Alaska , Arizona and Vermont.
if you want to sell guns you have to have a Federal firearm license.

Obama tried to reform the gun laws but many Republicans were against it. and thus he couldn´t make a lot.
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