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Beschreibung eines Apartements-Hotel ähnlich

Frage: Beschreibung eines Apartements-Hotel ähnlich
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Könntet Ihr mir bitte vielleicht meine Rechtschreibfehler und formulierungen bisschen ändern wenn es falsch ist dankeschön:D

Die Frau Miller möchte ein Apartment buchen für 7 Tage dazu habe ich ihr folgene Information geben:

Great services comes from the heart!
We from the Vienna Apartment guarantee you Mrs.
Miller that our flat the best flat in Vienna is.
The Vienna Apartment is located in Ottakringerstraße 52 Top 11. In the Apartment is enough space/square for 2-3 persons. The Apartment size is 65 m2. The Apartment is be situated in the first floor and there is no elevator but it´s accessible without an elevator. All Rooms have a modern and tasteful furniture. The Living room/bedroom is equipped with double bed, seating are, cable TV and wardrobe. There is also a dining room with dresser, wardrobe and a single bed in there. The apartment´s kitchen is equipped with electric cooker, fridge, dishwasher, microwave and sink. In the Bathroom is a shower, bathtub, washbasin and a toilet in. There are two washing machines and two dryers in the apartment building for their laundry.
Bedclothes and towels are changed in a period of 10-14 days. If you need a new bedclothes or towels in a short period is it possible. Cleaning, transfer or breakfast are not offered in the service.
The price for 7 days is 554 euros. The least price includes electricity, water, heating and taxes. You can pay cash or with an international debit card (Maestro). You can only pay with a credit card in possible exceptional cases. After the Payment of 30% of least price is the apartment booked. If you cancellation at least 30 days before date the arrival be free of charge. On cancellation under 30 days before there will be a fee of 30% of lease price.

Guests must leave the apartment by 10 am. But it´s possible to arrange a specific time for departure.
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Antwort von begov28 | 12.04.2017 - 13:53
Ist der Text Ihrer Meinung nach schlecht geschrieben?

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