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Das moderne Südafrika

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Southafrica Nowadays

In South Africa there live many different kind of people with different languages, culture and origin. Bigger Groups are called Xhosa, Zulu and Sotho. In Natal live about one million Indians whose ancestors came toSouth Africa in order to work on sugar-plantation.
But there are also three million people of mixed origin. Their ancestors were dutch settlers who came together with the original inhabitants of the Kap (?) and with Malayans who came as slaves from East-India to South-Africa in the 18 th century.

There are about 4 millions of rich whites from 45 millions of Southafricans which are 8%. Their ancestors are Dutch, German or French immigrants. The motherlanguage of theses “Africans” is Afrikaans, which is similar to Dutch. Then there is also an English-speaking part of people who live mainly in the west or east area of the Kap (?) and in Natal. Historically the regime of Apartheid has left many bad consequences. The differences which have been caused by this government are still to see and to feel.
A big part of the quick growing black majority lives in misery and poorness.
Mainly in the outskirts of the cities there are miserable places to live made from cardboard and sheet metal without sufficient sanitary, electicity and water.
Many people aren’t able to write or to read.
The main problem of poorness is to be to blame for the high criminality in Southafrica.
Up to now the government hasn’tbeen able to create a multicultural state out of Southafrica because there are still deep differences between the people who live in this land. Blacks and whites live seperately with few contact between them.

Englische Zusammenfassung/Schilderung der aktuellen Situation in Südafrika. Beinhaltet eine kurze Beschreibung der Geschichte Südafrikas.

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