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The best journey ever

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The best journey ever…

Last year, my friends and I made a journey to the Rocky Mountains, we wanted to visit the U.S. states Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and some parts of Canada.
Our trip started in October at the airport Dresden, there we flew to Frankfurt and then we took the fly to New York and then to Nevada. When we got out of the plain we saw only green fields and in the sky the sun and nowhere was snow. But we had to travel still 200 kilometres to the south of Nevada. There we had a lot of snow, because the last week it was snowing. At this time we were very tired and so we checked in the hotel, took a little snake and went to bed, because we wanted to ride snowboard the next day. The next day was a very beautiful one for snowboarding, because it was could and sunny. We went to a very big skiing area and drove snowboard till the lifts had closed. The next weeks were also good, but not so good how the first day. After a month we went to Idaho. There the weather was really bad. It was snowing the whole days. So we couldn’t went snowboard, because we didn't saw anything. So we could relax.
But after two weeks I woke up at 6 a.m. and saw no cloud in the sky. I woke up my friends and we went snowboarding very early. This day was really great, because the sun shone and we had about 1.5 metres powder. Because of the good weather and the wonderful powder we decided to make a Heliboarding trip the next day. We stood up at 6 a.m. and flow the first time with the Helicopter at 8 a.m. When we stood of the top of the mountain we were really stoked, because all what we saw, was an unspoilt nature and we could make the first lines in the snow. This run was the best in my whole life.
The next months we went to Montana, Wyoming, British Columbia and other parts of west Canada and to Alaska.
In April our journey finished in Alaska with a wonderful Heliboardingday, the 18th Heliboarding day in our journey. The weather was good but the snow was a bit wet and there were some clouds in the sky. The best Heliboardingday was after all the first day in Idaho.
When we went back to Germany we came to realize that was not our last trip to the USA and Canada.

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