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My favourite ball sport

Frage: My favourite ball sport
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Hallo Leute, Ich habe mir ein Text geschrieben und wollte fragen ob das passt. Ich warte auf ihre Antworten.


The golf sport has his origin in Scotland from where from itself. The golf sport spread in the 16th century in completely Great Britain and finally in the 18th century in America and Europe.
Golf is an outdoor sport played with clubs and a small ball. It is played on a large, grassy area called a course. Golfers hit the ball into a series of holes on the course. The goal is to finish playing the course with as few hits, or strokes, as possible.
Golf balls were originally made of wood. Wood was replaced in the 1600s by boiled feathers stuffed in a leather cover. In the 1800s people started making balls with gutta-percha, a leathery material that comes from certain trees. Balls made of hard rubber appeared in the 1900s.
A standard golf course has 18 holes. The playing area for each hole varies in length from about 100 to 600 yards (90 to 550 meters). Play begins at a spot called the teeing area. It is a flat, rectangular patch of short grass. In front of the teeing area is a mowed strip called the fairway.
Many golf holes have features that make play more difficult. These include obstacles called hazards. One type of hazard is a sand-filled pit called a bunker, or sand trap.
Golfers use a variety of clubs to hit the ball. Each club has a small hitting area at the end of a shaft. Golfers may choose a different club for each swing at the ball.
Golfers start playing in the teeing area. From there, they hit the ball toward the hole. They try to keep the ball on the fairway and the green. They try to avoid hitting the ball into bunkers, water hazards, or the rough. When the ball reaches the green, a golfer uses a club called a putter for the final hits toward the cup. Every time the ball is hit, one stroke is counted.
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