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Englisch Referat über Bollywood und Mahatma Gandhi

Frage: Englisch Referat über Bollywood und Mahatma Gandhi
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Kann einer bitte meine Referate verbessern? Danke Ihr könnt natürlich auch etwas hinzufügen.
I´d like to tell you something about Bollywood
Facts about bollywood:
Bollywood is the name for the Film industry in India, whose main production is settled in Bombai.
Don´t forget ,today is Bombay call Mumbai.
Bollywood is one of the largest film producers in India. In 2011, over 3.5 billion tickets were sold across the globe which in comparison is 900,000 tickets more than Hollywood. Bollywood produced 252 films in 2014 out of the total 1969 films produced in India.
An Indian journalist created the term Bollywood by taking the B from Bombay and exchange it out with H of Hollywood and it developed the name Bollywood. The Film industry in Bombay is the biggest industry of the world.
The films are mostly about love, emotions, pain and relationships, so they try to lead people into another world, where problems be solved by feelings and affection. With musical dances and singing, the audience will be accompanied through the entire film.
Hollywood - Bollywood
Bollywood and Hollywood are the two best known, most popular and prolific film industries in the world. But what is special about them and what makes them different?
Bollywood produces significantly more movies than Hollywood. The Bollywood movies take longer than the Hollywood movies. What is also to be noted Bollywood productions are emotional and profound than many Hollywood productions, because here also men can show emotions. Bollywood films are usually produced for the whole family, so there are many works with singing and dancing. That`s why the Bollywood movies have a bad reputation. In contrast Hollywood is more focused on action, greed and violence.
Big problem - piracy
The Indian film industry is significantly impacted by online piracy. A study undertaken by Motion Picture Distributors Association has put India amond the top ten countries in the world, where online piracy is at its peak. In India, counterfeiting and piracy costs the entertainment industry $4billion and losses of approximately 800000 jobs annually.

Mahatma Gandhi:
The freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi came on the 2nd October, 1869 as a Mohandas Karamchand Ghandi in India to the world. At the age of 13 years he was married with Kasturbai Narkanji. From this marriage there appeared 4 sons.
The family of Mohandas belonged to the better society(company) of the country(land), so that he(it) had the possibility to graduate from 1888 to 1891 law studies in London. After the study he went back to India. He traveled to South Africa to take a case. When to him became clear, how much the Indian immigrants were suppressed in South Africa, he(it) began his(its) battle free of authority for the discriminated. In a demonstration, the demonstrators were attacked by the British. Many were seriously injured and killed. Overall, in this attack more than 300 people were killed. Gandhi got closer to his aim to reach the Indian independence in 1920. He became a member in the Indian national congress.
In 1930 in order to help free India from British control, Mahatma Gandhi proposed a non-violent march protesting the British Salt Tax, continuing Gandhi`s pleas for civil disobedience. The Salt Tax essentially made it illegal to sell or produce salt. The people protested in a 385 kilometer long march against the salt taxes. Again the police officers reacted violent and many people were hurt. But he had reached the abolition of the salt taxes.
With peace negotiations in 1931 in London it came to no arrangement. Gandhi could not still put through the independence of his state. In 1932 and 1933 there were many demonstrations. During the demonstrations many persons were hurt and were killed. During two years to carry out tried Mahatma Gandhi massive pressure on the British in which he demanded the independence of India.
In 1947 he reached his aim: India was divided in Pakistan and India and was explained for independently.
30th January, 1948: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was murdered by a religious fanatic.
He exerted himself always free of authority for the independence of his country. He fought peacefully for the rights of his countrymen and therefore he was arrested for 8 years. At last he reached his aim.
Frage von Bobo21 | am 23.04.2016 - 14:20

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Antwort von matata | 23.04.2016 - 14:54
Für dein Referat über Bollywood hast du dich grosszügig bei andern Autoren bedient:

---> siehe Seite 11

Diese Teile musst du ändern, denn das gibt fast sicher Probleme mit deinen Lehrkräften (und eine schlechte Note...)
Texte, die im Internet stehen, sind nicht frei verfügbar, sondern unterstehen dem Urheberrecht.
Bei Statistiken oder bei der Untersuchung über die Piraterie in Bollywood-Filmen musst du halt die Quelle angeben, wo du diese Zahlen gefunden hast. Dann ist das in Ordnung. Solche Umfragen kannst du nicht selber machen, das ist klar.
________________________ - Team

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Antwort von Bobo21 | 23.04.2016 - 15:01
Also soll ich meine Sätze ändern? Oder wie meinen Sie das? Meine Information kann ich nur übers Internet raus schreiben.
Und passt die Rechtschreibung?

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Antwort von matata | 23.04.2016 - 15:07
Ja, ich meine, dass du die kopierten Sätze in eigene Worte fassen musst.
Informationen darfst / musst du aus dem Internet nehmen.
Aber kopieren darfst du nicht
, ausser du gibst die Quelle an wie bei der Sache mit der Markenpiraterie.
Die Rechtschreibung habe ich nicht angeschaut, da ich damit rechne, dass du noch einmal an den Referaten arbeitest.
________________________ - Team

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