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Referat: Slovenia: A short lecture about this country

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>; A country with mountains for winter and a sea for summer.
A country, which was been denoted as the neutral Switzerland in the war of Yugoslavia.
>; Welcome to my short lecture about Slovenia.
>; At the first I'll give you some information about the country.
>; The capital city of Slovenia is Ljubljana and the official language is Slovenian. Slovenia has 2.057.660 inhabitants and the area has about 20.000 km2. So Slovenia is the half of Switzerland. Slovenia is an EU-land in the Middle Europe. It border at the Julian Alps and the Adriatic Sea. The highest mountain is "Triglav, in English "three head. This mountain is mapped on the Slovenian flag. The longest flow in Slovenia is "Sava. In Slovenia is the education a very important thing. There're a lot of universities.
>; The majority of the population are with 58% Catholics. The other 42% are distributed to Atheists, Christian Orthodox, Muslims and others.
>; Because of the mountains is winter sport in Slovenia very common and attracts many tourists. World's best women skier of 2012 is the Slovenian Tina Maze.
>; Other tourist attractions are lakes, the sea and grottos. The sea coast is 46km long and they are tourist from everywhere.
>; In one of these grottos is a very special fish called "Fishman. This fish has his name because he has arms with fingers, but it's a fish with gills. His only living space in whole Europa is in the Slovenian Grotto "Postojna.
>; So now I will you present the national biggest tulips park of Slovenia. In this park have so many tulips as people in Slovenia live.
>; The oldest culture horse race in the world you can find in Slovenia. The horse race name "Lipizzaner was at first appeared in 1786.
>; Now I will you present the capital city. The most important place in the centre of Ljubljana is a place where are three bridges side by side. In front of these bridges is a sculpture of the most famous writer of Slovenia Franz Preseren.
>; In Ljubljana has a lot of museum with old and modern art. And there have also any theatre.
>; So now I'll come to the more interesting part of my lecture. The local food. In all restaurants in Slovenia you have the option to eat the speciality cabbage rolls with meat. And for the dessert is to advise roulades with poppy, nut or coconut.
>; If's from your side any questions, you can ask now.
>; So now I'll come to my five questions.
>; 1. What's the capital city of Slovenia?
2. What is important for the tourism?
3. What is special at the fish "Fishman?
4. How many tulips are in the tulips park?
5. What can the roulades have for a filling?

Thank you for your attention.
Kurzvortrag über Slowenien auf Englisch.
Ein paar interessante Aspekte über Slowenien. (459 Wörter)
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