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Hat jemand Verbesserungsvorschläge ?

Frage: Hat jemand Verbesserungsvorschläge ?
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Violence in Schools and nobody intervention to help the children
Violence in schools has spread widely throughout the nation.
This has caused many problems among students, families, faculty of schools, and residents of the areas. However, there are many possible ways we can stop all this violence in schools. Violence in schools has become a big problem in today`s society. I have taken this topic school crime because you can see in schools often that other students from other classmates are getting bullied physically, and received threats but nobody intervenes.
Why do the headmasters and teachers barley interfere? It`s sad that it’s going so far that you can find a statistic and an article in the newspaper which you can even read. The statistics from the text “Bullying at British schools’’ found out that 95% are being humiliated and bullied in the school time, 17% have suffered violent and physical attacks and 60% said that they were bullied almost every day and suffered traumatically from this depressing situation. But the teachers and headmasters are denying having examined kinds of conflicts and are explaining that they don’t know what the problem is. I was shocked but i think that it was a good decision that family Waldron have given the press the necessary information about this. You can stop the violent at schools if you don’t look away. Help the victims and help to save the equity and stop the anarchism. The cause of violence can be blamed on many things but mainly on one thing. The causes of school bullying are manifold. Bullying ( to bully ) are generally conflicts underlying may have different triggers: overwork, underused, Plated performance, identifying losses, impaired air at the school / in class. Even if a disturbed Teachers Students ratio prevails as affects at all the bullying on the human being from? 20% about Victims of annual suicides caused by bullying. Bullying at school can therefore very negative consequences for the future life of the affected students have (inside), not only for the victims but also for the perpetrators. It often happens that the offender in the community is even more unpopular than the sacrifice that only the fear of them prevented the exclusion from the group. But other Victims are so hurt and offended , that they want to take a revenge for all the people who hurt him/her. That is the result for school shootings. Bullying at school is so malicious and deliberate actions, which aim to make the classmates or the classmate "finished". Among experts, it is assumed that one out of ten students seriously bullied at school, will be harassed and that more than one of ten harassed itself. I am of the opinion that one should intervene in bullying harder. That’s mean that the bullied person must help and you should directly intervene and try to mediate. Thus there will be less shootings, and less student feels uncomfortable. If more people respect each other, the less there are deaths or alumni courage depressio n.
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Antwort von matata | 28.01.2016 - 18:28
Wie hiess der Arbeitsauftrag?

Für welche Länder gelten diese beschriebenen Zustände?

Grössere Teile dieser Arbeit stammen von diesen Internetseiten
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Antwort von mibuelak | 28.01.2016 - 20:00
wir hatten mehrere Texte über das Mobbing anschulen in Großbritannien. Und wir sollen einen eigenen essay dazu schreiben. hab echt keine Internetseiten benutz nur deutsche um paar Informationen noch dazu zu holen

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