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bitte Korrektur lesen und evtl. Verbesserungsvorschläge :D

Frage: bitte Korrektur lesen und evtl. Verbesserungsvorschläge :D
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Hallo, bin neu hier :)

bitte Korrektur lesen und evtl.
Verbesserungsvorschläge :D

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to welcome you to this presentation. Its nice to see your all here today. I will begin with describing this ad then Im going to analyze it, and after that I will define the stereotype/target group.

On the ad you can see a sexy woman with red hair. She has black tight clothes and high heels on. The men sit on a armchair and looks surprised in her eyes of the woman. The leg of the woman knee over his leg. She looks deep in his eyes. In the foreground there is a bottle of wine. On the bottle it shows the brand name „skyy“. On the left there is 2 glasses.

Now I am going to analyze this ad. Red hair is meaning, that the woman is dominant. She is not shy and seduce the men by her sexuality. The men is relaxing after work and enjoy the time with a sexy woman.

Finally Im define the Stereotype of this product. The Stereotype of this product is the man eater. The woman looks sexy in her tight clothes and dominate the man. She get what she wants from the men by using her sexuality. The message of this product is, if your buy this product your can get fun with a sexy and beautiful woman.

Thank your very much. I hope your enjoy my presentation. If your have any question, feel free to ask.
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Antwort von nana259 (ehem. Mitglied) | 05.05.2012 - 22:09
ein paar sachen die mir beim Überfliegen aufgefallen sind: zeile 4: wenn du nur einen Mann meinst,
dann heißt es mAn.
folglich muss es dann auch sitS in der nächsten zeile heißen.
"The leg of the woman knee over his leg." klingt auch irgendwie komisch genau wie: "On the bottle it shows the brand name „skyy“."besser: the bottle shows the brand, it´s "skyy". <-- is das nich eigtl. auch n vodka und kein wein?:D
im nächsten satz: there ARE
z.9. seduces, man, enjoying
z.10. entweder: i´m defining oder I will define.
z.12.dominateS,getS, from the mAn oder from men ( wenn du´s mehr so generell meinst vom sinn her)
z.13: you,you,besser: have fun/will have fun
z.15:you, I hope you enjoyed, you, besser:questionS

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