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The Civil War in Syria: Hausübung verbessern? Danke!

Frage: The Civil War in Syria: Hausübung verbessern? Danke!
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In 2011 the Civil War began in Syria.
This civil war has begun of President Baschar al-Assad. During this time, many people were killed, that`s why they had to flee from their country. The vast majority of them reside now in camps in the neighboring countries. Already alone, Turkey has received 2 million refugees. They are fleeing from distress, anxiety and political persecution. Not only People in Syria but also other people are fleeing. For millions of people are seen around the world forced to leave their homes. I think all county in the world should take refugees, then the whole would not be so complicated. On the way to Europe so many refugees die. Because of this it is advised to open the borders.
Frage von shkoevala | am 04.11.2015 - 17:21

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