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Hallo, und zwar muss ich für die nächste Woche eine Hausarbeit in Englisch schreiben. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn jemand sich finden würde meinen Text auf Sprache und Inhalt zu korrigieren.  Ich muss einen Text zu dem Thema ,,Individual and Society`` schreiben. Es handelt sich hier um eine offene Fragestellung. Das bedeutet, dass ich meine Schwerpunkte bezüglich dieses Themas selbst setzen sollte. Es wäre auch gut, wenn der Korrigierende netterweise auf diesen Text auch eine Note jeweils für den Inhalt, Sprachverwendung und Grammatik geben würde. Danke! 

The human being is the only species that is aware of its existence. It is a living form which can do a lot more than to grow, to reproduce, to eat, to sleep and to protect its love ones. Over the course of evolutionary processes human beings developed to high intelligent beings which are capable of communicating, thinking, creating, developping and interacting with its environment. Year after year new things are discovered or generated. In 2014, for instance, a random expedition team found a carbonised cave in Chile. Human beings did not only raised their abilities in terms of scientific approaches but also make efforts in philosophic issues, analyzing and questioning its own race and all interactions and living forms. 
As many things human beings differ - from appearance, race to religion or attitudes. Every human being has its own life that it graces individually. From its birth on the geographical and social setting affects its way of thinking and its attitudes. These so called patterns of thought and behaviour shapes an individuals self-being and identity. Through interactions with its environment an individual joins in society. 
Society is an aggregate production of human interactions and shared values. It is ruled by laws, in forms of constitutions, tribal codexes and traditions, which every human is expected to abide. Additionally, scientists believe that every individual is equipped with a sense of moral grammar from birth on which makes it capable ti differ from right and wrong, good and bad and so on. Parents and the environment are the ones who teach a child how to apply moral values correctly so that it does not come in conflicts with societys structures and politicas and most importantly with other people.
But society and individuals are more komplex than it seems. One of the greatest problems of a society is the phenomenon of discrimination. Human beings are scared of different things. It is difficult for some to deal with them. As a result these beings raise grouops or communities to counteract things they don`t tolerate. Especially different ethnic groups, sexual orientations and even a different religion cause conflicts within a society. Individuals who feel rejected by their fellows then choose alternative lifestyles or even change their home country. 
Women, for example, were seen as weak and incapable to contribute effective ideas and performances to society. The former president of Havard University Charles W. Elliot even refused to admit womean fearing they would waste special school resources. But now girls are on a tear to outnumber boys when it comes to academic issues. Whereas boys performances are languishing. Another example are gays and lesbians who have experienced for more than decades of centuries discrimination. Though many countries accepted the gay community there are still parts of the world like Russia, nearly every country in Asia and Africa  which hold opposed positions against the gay community. It is not only the society which doesn`t tolerate gays and lesbians but also the law in which gay actions are defined as crime. On top of that, many people in those countries even resort to violence in order to suppress the gay community. Western countries, on the contrary, have accepted gay communities not only in society but also in the law.
Besides the complexity of individuals and society there are also communites which try to make things less complicated and support underprivileged people. The world is indeed divided into to worlds. The first one is dominated by thriving and prosperity whereas the other one is the complete opposite of the first world. Therefore organizations were founded to help underprivileged people mostly in the third world like  HOW, World Vision, human tracking, helping hands and the most known one UNICEF- All these non-profit organizations try to provide healthy diet, education and medical support for people in need.

Though human beings praise themselves as being the most developed species in the world it is hard to say that at second glance. Development is good but the shadow of it has huge consequences on most parts of the world. Striving for more has the consequence that groups of people are willingly forgotten and left behind. Not only the ambitions but also competitions trigger attitudes favoring of being privileged, intolerance, and individual selfishness raise the boundaries within the own human race. 
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Antwort von matata | 30.04.2015 - 20:16
Noten können wir hier nicht vergeben, weil wir die Anforderungen deiner Lehrkraft nicht kennen.
Wir wissen auch nicht, wie sie / er mit euch diese Arbeit vorbereitet hat. Noten setzen kann nur die Person, die die Aufgabe gestellt hat.
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