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Christopher Columbus

(Itl. Cristoforo Colombo, Span. Christobal Colon)
1451: Columbus is born in Genoa
1453: The Turks defeat Constantinople. The connection between the Orient and Europe is cut
1463: Columbus’ first voyage takes place on the Ligurian Sea
1470: The family of Columbus moves to Savona, Italy
1476: Columbus himself moves to Lisbon
1477: Voyages bring Columbus to Ireland
1479: Columbus gets married to Felipa Moniz Perestrello and they live for
a while in Madeira
1482: Columbus sails to Guinea
1484: The Portuguese King João II invites Columbus who tells him about
his plans to reach India’s East Coast
1485: Columbus’ wife dies and he goes to Spain because the Portuguese
King rejects his plans to reach India
1486: The Castilian queen Isabel receives Christopher João II
Columbus for the first time
1489: Isabel’s commission proves Columbus’ plans. During this,
Columbus goes back to Portugal to meet King João II and to ask him
for help for his voyage once again. Bartolomeo, the brother of
Columbus goes to France and England to find some support for the
1490: In Salamanca the commission of Isabel decides that Columbus
cannot go on this voyage because his calculations about the size of the
Atlantic Ocean might be wrong
1492: The end of the Spanish-Maurice conflict. The royal family
decides to give money to Columbus (April 17, 1429), so he can go on
Isabel the voyage. He also gets the rights of a Governor and the right to get a big part of the income that will bring the country that he’s supposed to discover
August 3, 1492: Columbus leaves Spain with three ships (Santa Maria, Pinta and Niña). In October, he reaches San Salvador, Hispaniola (Bohío) and the coast of Cuba. Close to the North Coast of Cuba, Santa Maria gets damaged. So the men on this ship have to stay in Cuba and they build a house out of the rest of the ship. They call it ‘La Navidad’ (= Christmas).
1493: Columbus goes back to Spain and is received by the royal family.
September 25, 1493: Columbus goes on his second voyage. He takes along 17 ships and Colonists, missionaries and royal servants. On this voyage he reaches Domenica, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and La Navidad which it was destroyed and all men who were waiting for Columbus to come back were dead. Columbus founds close to La Navidad the settlement ‘La Isabela’. The Spanish explore Hispaniola to find gold and there are the first conflicts between them and Natives.
June 11, 1496: Columbus comes back to Spain
1498: Columbus goes on his third voyage. He takes along eight ships and his brother Bartolomeo. Also the first women go to America. When they reached La Isabela, there were many conflicts between the colonists. Columbus did not really know what to do and he punished them a lot. So a royal servant was sent to bring Columbus back to Spain
1502: Columbus doesn’t really get a punishment
in Spain. They just take him the right to be
Governor. He goes on his fourth voyage to the
‘New World’. He goes with Bartolomeo, his son
Fernando and four ships. While searching a way
to the Indian Sea, he explores the American
Coast and touches for the first time the American
continent in Costa Rica on September 25.
1503: Three ships get damaged and Columbus is
on the way back to Europe. By accident they
reach Jamaica and have to stay there to wait for
help. They have to wait for almost one year until Columbus’ first touch with the American Continent
there came some help from Hispaniola.
June 28, 1504: Columbus reaches Spain
November 26, 1504: The Castilian queen Isabel dies
1505: Columbus tries to get permission for his fifth voyage, but it’s denied
May 20, 1506: Christopher Columbus dies in Valladolid, Spain
The four voyages of Christopher Columbus to the New World between 1492 and 1504
Das Leben und Reisen von Christoph Kolumbus nach Jahreszahlen zeitlich gegliedert.
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