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Frage: Blog zum Thema Cross Cultural Communication
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Now I amgoing to tell you something about Cross-Cultural communication. Cross-Cultural communication is thecommunication between companies around the world. It is how people in differentcountries communicate with each other. For example if USA and China do business.                                                                            

Cross-cultural communication  has become strategically important tocompanies due to the growth of global business, technology and the Internet.Understanding cross-cultural communication is important for any company thathas a diverse workforce or plans on conducting global business. This type ofcommunication involves an understanding of how people from different culturesspeak, communicate and perceive the world around them. It is important foremployees to understand the factors that are part of an effective, diverseworkforce. Cross-cultural communication in an organization deals withunderstanding different business customs, beliefs and communication strategies.Language differences, nonverbal differences and power distance are majorfactors that can affect cross-cultural communication. Cross cultural communication isgetting more and more important because of the development of products and services.It is important to communicate and interact right with foreign businesspartners and to prepare for overseas trade fairs and exhibitions.  

 You should remember that it is necessary to match your manners to them of foreign countries. For example youcannot treat a Chinese business partner like you would handle with an Austrianbusiness partner. There are many different rules to communicate with foreign partners. In China the people are very distant and greet each other with a slight bow. In contrast to China the people in South America are open mindedand it’s usual to hug or kiss each other on the cheek. Furthermore you shouldkeep in mind that every country has different smalltalk topics. For example inSouth America it’s common to speak about Family, History and children.  In the USA it is usual to talk about Sports,Cars or the Weather. In China men should wear suits and ties and women wearcostumes or suits. The dress code in South America is nearly the same – menwear dark coloured business suits and women wear elegant suits or dresses. Generally important aspects for aseminar are to be complete, explicit and pay attention to the other person’sresponse. You have to be alert for different meanings and you don’t understanda word or a concept, re-word your thoughts. Do not repeat or increase yourvolume as if the listener has a hearing problem. You should also ask thelistener to confirm information or directions in their own words.   

 All in all youshould not forget if you have a meeting in a foreign country you should beinformed about their behaviours. It is important to know something about theirculture, smalltalk topics, tabus and also about their dress code and greetings.  

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