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hey :D fällt euch vllt ne gute überschrift für mein text ein

Frage: hey :D fällt euch vllt ne gute überschrift für mein text ein
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Once there were a boy and a girl, they spent a lot of time together and one summer night they lay in the grass and looked at the stars in the sky.
“It seems like there were traffic lights on the Milky Way!”, she said and laughed.

He didn`t laugh, not even smiled. “What on earth is eating you?! Why do you never laugh? I mean.. it`s okay if you don`t laugh that often, like I do. But.. you don`t even chuckle..”, she told him off.
“I have my reasons...”, he answered.
A few minutes none of them said anything, then he started: “Once I lived in comfort, was a good student with great marks. But than, it is one year ago right now, my beloved uncle died cruelly. To forget my pain, my teariness and my desperation I began to drink a lot of alcohol, to smoke and be together with the wrong people. First I just partied once a month, than every week, I shut down more often and started taking drugs. Primary just soft drugs like marijuana, magic mushrooms and the like.
After a little while that wasn`t enough anymore to distract me from the reality and I needed things like LSD, Ecstasy, which shifted my awareness so I could forget anything else.
My whole life got out of control and during this time I unlearned to laugh.
My parents didn`t notice anything, probably they thought I was still depressed by reason of my uncle`s death.
My social life suffered from being delinquent , I lost most of my previous friends. I bunked off school and when I came I lowered my guard or disturbed the lessons.”
While he told the story of his life to her, her eyes were filled with tears.
“ And then I met you and ...” he stopped. “And..?” she asked.
“It`s just.. you`re like a “good” drug for me.. I couldn`t get away from you even if I would. You gave back a meaning to my life.
I stopped taking drugs and stopped stealing ... just because of you.
You gave me hope and I`m sure... one day I will laugh with you!”
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Fällt euch vielleicht eine gute Überschrift für meinen Text ein?
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