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Biographie- Elvis Presley (englisch)

Frage: Biographie- Elvis Presley (englisch)
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On 8th January 1935 Elvis Aron Presley was born in Mississippi / USA together with his twin brother, who unfortunately was a stillbirth.
He grew up in poor conditiones. Elvis´ father, Veron Presley was a factory worker and his mother Gladys Presley worked as a seamstress and you can see that he had a difficult childhood, because his father was arrested one time for check forgery. But Presley had also happy times e.g. when he made his first singing experience in the church choir. In 1945 Elvis won the Second prize of a talent show. One year later, Presley got a guitar and taught himself. In 1948 the family moved to Memphis. There Elvis visited Humes High School. After his graduation in 1953 he worked as a truck driver.

Earlier Career

In the same year he made a record, which he financed on his own. The songs were called "My Happiness" and "That`s When Your Heartaches Begin". In January of 1954, he made his second record. In June of the same year he met the managers of a record company to present his music. They liked it and because of that they made the song "That`s All Right (Mama)"together. For the first time this song was played on the radio in July and Elvis gave his first concerts. He developed his own rock `n` roll style and his blues voice. In this time he was firstly critizised by magazines for his texts because they were dirty. But he went on to make songs e.g. the song "Heartbreak Hotel" which was sold more than 300,000 times in the first three weeks and Elvis Presley got his first Golden record because "Heartbreak Hotel" was No. 1 in the U.S. charts. In addition to his music career he started a movie career and signed a movie contract about 7 years in Hollywood. In August, he turns his first movie "Love Me Tender". Till his dead he turned another 32 films. He was famous for his special dance moves and got the nickname "Elvis the Pelvis."
In January 1957 Elvis had to go to the investigation of the military. In March he bought the property "Graceland" On 1st October he went to Germany because of the military and from that on lived there with his family in Bad Nauheim. In September he met Priscilla Beaulieu for the first time. In March 1960 Presley went back to the United States and his military service in Germany ended. In the same month he was invited to a television show "Welcome Home, Elvis" for this he got the highest fee an artist ever got. In 1965 the Beatls visited him in his Hollywood mansion, what shows how famous he was. On 1st May 1967 he married Priscilla in Las Vegas but the marriage will be divorced only six years later. On 1st February 1968 Lisa Marie Presley was born. And in November, he had the movie premiere of "Change of Habit" , which was his last film.

Later on Career

In 1970 he was one of the guys who got the award "ten outstanding young men in America. One year later the album "I`m 10,000 Years Old, Elvis Country" was published. But soon rumors about his obesity, drug abuse, depression and addiction tablets were distributed. In January 1973 the television show "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii" was watched by more than one billion people around the world. In 1974 his health problems became publicly apparent. This two events in that little period of time show how his health problems increased with his succes.
In 1977, he renewed his Testament and the main heir will be his daughter, Lisa Marie. In April, he had a hospital stay because of his drug abuse. On 26 June, his last concert took place in Indianapolis. In the following month his last record "Moddy Blue" appeared.
In August of the same year three bodyguards confirmed the rumors about his drug addiction.


On 16 August 1977 Elvis Presley died of a heart attack. Two days later he was buried on Forrest Hill Cemetery in Memphis. The coffins of him and his mother are brought to Graceland.

It is unbelievable how much money the Elvis´ heirs get still today.“ Forbes“ Magazine tells that the heritage arose from 2007 40 Mio. $ up to 52 Mio. $ in 2008.

Rumors of his death

There are rumors about Elvis´ death. One of them is that he is still alive. Other persons think that he was a victim of the FBI.
The rumors still exist today, because people claim to have seen Elvis. But this was never proven. The family says this is impossible and not true.

Still today there are a lot of Elvis fans who visit his grave especially on the anniversary of his death.
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