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Edward Albee

March 12, 1928: Edward Albee was born on March 12 1928 in Washington, D. C. and adopted at the age of two weeks by Reed and Frances Albee. His parents were very wealth through a chain of vaudeville theatres.
1935: Edward Albee sees his first Broadway play Jumbo. Albee attends the elementary school the first time. The family chauffeur drives him to school.
1936: He begins to write poems. During his childhood he and his family spend winters at his grandmother’s home in Palm Beach Florida
1938: His father encourages him to get a job. He found a job in the Larchmont drugstore. Edward spends the money he got on classical music records.
1940: When he is not promoted from the seventh grade his parents send him to Lawrenceville School a boarding school in Princeton New Jersey. He takes no real interest in his studies and fails many courses but he participates in the theater programs and writes poetry and a three-act play, Aliqueen.
1943: He is dismissed from Lawrenceville and sent to Valley Forge Military Academy in Wayne Pennsylvania. But he is also dismissed from this school . Albee’s family live for three years at their home in New York City.
1944: He attends Choate School in Wallingford. During his years here he writes poetry short stories and plays,is active in the school’s literary and weekly newspapers and participates in classical music programs on the school’s radio station.
1945 : He published his first professional work a poem "Eighteen" appears in a Texas literary journal with the name Kaleidograph. In the summer he works as a volunteer writer for the classical music radio station WNYC.
1946 : The Choate Literary Magazine publishes his play Schism. He completes a novel The Flesh of the Unbelievers. He graduates from Choate and attends Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. He neglects his studies although he takes a role in the college production of Maxwell Anderson’s The Masque of Kings.
1947: He is dismissed from Trinity College after three semesters and returns at home to live with his parents .He writes for WNYC.
1949 : He writes a three-act play The City of People. After big arguments with his parents he leaves home. He will not see his mother again for 17 years. He moves to Greenwich Village . He had a series of odd jobs over the next decade including office work at an advertising agency sales music at a music store and messenger for Western Union.
1952: He tours through Europe for six months.
1958: He writes a play The Dispossessed. He writes the first of his successful plays The Zoo Story.After a disappointing conversation with William Inge about The Zoo Story Albee writes Yam and Fam. He writes also The Death of Bessie Smith. Albee inherits a lot of money from his grandmother.
1959: The Zoo Story is produced in German in Berlin. Albee attends the first performance.
He writes The American Dream and The Sandbox.
1960: The Zoo Story is produced in the U.S. at the Provincetown Playhouse. He begins working on Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? He directs the national touring production of The Zoo Story.
1961: The Sandbox is broadcast on television as part of the Omnibus show. The American Dream and The Death of Bessie Smith open Off-Broadway. He travels to Argentina with a touring production of The Zoo Story. During the tour Albee’s father dies. He does not return for the funeral. Albee travels to Europe .He completes Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
He becomes a professorship at the Wurzburg University in Germany.
1962: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? opens on Broadway on October 13 with Uta Hagen, Arthur Hill, George Grizzard and Melinda Dillon. The play is a great success it runs for two years. Albee travels to Italy to discuss an Italian production of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.
1963: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? is awarded the New York Drama Critics Circle Award for best new play of the year. The play is also nominated for six Tony Awards and wins five: best play, best production, best director, best actress and best actor. Productions of Virginia Woolf open in South Africa, Italy, Sweden and Germany. He travels through the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe with John Steinbeck as a part of a cultural exchange.
1964: His play Tiny Alice opens. It wins the Drama Critics Circle Award and the Tony Award.
1965: His mother suffers a heart attack. It was the first time in 17 years that he visit her. On a trip to Europe Albee completes A Delicate Balance.
1971: All Over opens on Broadway.
1974: He get a doctorate of Literature from Trinity College from which he is dismissed.
1975: Seascape opens on Broadway brings Albee his second Pulitzer Prize.
1980: The Lady from Dubuque opens on Broadway. The play wins a Gold Medal in Drama from the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters.
1982: The Man Who Had Three Arms opens in Chicago.
1987: Marriage Play opens in Vienna, Austria.
1989: His adoptive mother Frances Albee dies. He directs a production in Los Angeles of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
1991: Three Tall Women premieres at the River Arts Repertory Woodstock, New York.
1994: Three Tall Women opens Off-Broadway. The play earns Albee his third Pulitzer Prize.
1996: Major revivals of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? open in London, Paris, Stockholm and Coconut Grove Florida. Albee attends each premiere.
1997: He get the National Medal of Arts
1998: The Play About the Baby opens in London.
2001: The Play About the Baby opens Off-Broadway.

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Edward Albee was born on March 12 1928 in Washington, D. C. and adopted at the age of two weeks by Reed and Frances Albee. His parents were very wealth through a chain of vaudeville theatres... (943 Wörter)
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