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Referat: Kurt Cobain

Alles zu Kurt CobainMy project bears the topic: KURT COBAIN the legend- important moments in his life
I have chosen this topic because on April the 5th it is eight years ago that he commits suicide and also because I think he was one of the great musicians of our generation. Therefore, I want that everybody knows something about his whole life not only that he is dead.
Kurt Donald Cobain was the bandleader of one of the most famous bands of the nineties, whichever existed- Nirvana.
Cobain was born on the 20th of February 1967 in Hoquiam, a small town 140 kilometres southwest of Seattle. After a short time, he moved with his parents, his mother Wendy who worked as a waitress and his father Don who worked as an auto mechanic, to a small, dirty town, which is called Aberdeen. Even as a little boy he had to take medicine because of his hyperactive and bronchitis, but he was a happy child with a good childhood. In April 1970 Kurt`s sister Kimberly was born. Nevertheless, this pretty life changed by the discovering of his parents when he was seven years old in 1975. After this event, he lived by relatives or even later under bridges. His interesting in music grew up when h heard for the first time to bands like the sex pistols or led zeppelin. When he was12 his uncle gave him his first guitar and he started to play and wrote his own songs. In the next summer, he met Krist, the son of Yugoslavian immigrants, who was bassist and they founded a band, but soon they loose their enthusiasm for playing music and separated themselves. In May 1985 Cobain stopped high school one week before he had has his final examination. One year later, they got together again and had several drummers until finally they found Chad Channing, who could satisfy their high expectations. They created a new music style influenced by rock and havey metal, which is called grunge. In the same summer 1986 Nirvana was born and they recorded their first single love buzz, and their debut-album bleach. But Chad stopped playing in this band because he wanted to play another music type. Therefore, Kurt and Krist had to look for a new drummer, Dave Grohl who was not only a great drummer he also could harmonize with Kurt and Krist. Soon they became famous with songs like “smells like teen spirit“,“ come as you are”.
In spring 1991 Nirvana started the recording for their second album-Nevermind. During this work, Kurt met Courtney Love, who is still bandleader of Hole. In the early 90`s Cobain fell into heroin, and became stomachs very often.
In February 1992 Kurt and the already pregnant Courtney married on Hawaii and in the same year at the 18th of August Kurt’s little daughter Frances Bean Cobain was born. In 1993, Nirvana’s new album in Utero was top in the charts. The fourth and last Cd of nirvana was mtv unplugged. With all their songs, they tried to express what young people think in times of unemployment, intolerance and unfairness.
But Kurt could not stop his drug consume. On March the 4th, Kurt was rushed to hospital in a coma after his first unsuccessful suicide with a cocktail of drugs and champagne.
In his whole life Kurt Donald Cobain was a gun fetishist and so someday he bought a shotgun with his friend. Days later on the 5th April he barricaded himself into the garage behind his house and put, after taking a overdose of drugs, a shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger.

He was found by an electrician 3 days later, next to him a letter of saying goodbye to his family and friends. In this paper, he shows why he commits suicide. He was unsatisfied with his life and the way it went. The only time he really was happy was when he was a young boy. He even did not like playing music any more. The letter ends with the words:
I don’t have the passion anymore, and so remember, it is better to burn out than to fade away.
Peace, Love, Empathy Kurt Cobain Frances and Courtney, I’ll be your altar. Please keep going Courtney, for Frances. For her life, which will be so much better without me.
After his dead, Nirvana separated. Krist and Dave are still alive playing in some bands, like Foofighters, and Kurt “ the Godfather of grunge” is in the memories and hearts of many people who hear their music.

Meine Stichpunkte:
Chosen these topic
–still remember him
-dead 8 years ago
-great musician
–show important moments in life
- 20th February born in Hoquiam 140 kilometres away from Seattle
moved to Aberdeen with don and Wendy his parents
was a hyperactive boy
has to take tablets
970 April Kimberly was born
1975 seven years old discovering of his parents
with 12 got his first guitar
met krist
son of Yugoslavian immigrants
1985 stopped high school one week before final examination
Formed a band with Krist an several drummer Chad Channing
at the end Dave Grohl
1986 Nirvana was born
same year recorded their first album bleach
become famous with the second album Nevermind (come as you are, smells like teen spirit) 1991
met Courtney love
early nineties fell into heroin
often stomachs before concerts
1992 wedding from Kurt and Courtney( pregnant) on Hawaii
18th august 1992 Frances bean Cobain is born
1993 in Utero third album
top of the charts
mtv unplugged last album same year
first try to kill himself on march 4th
cocktail of drugs and champagne unsuccessful
gun fetishist byes shotgun
April 5th barricade in garage behind house
took overdose drugs-put shotgun into mouth
pull the trigger
3 days later found by electrician
with letter goodbye tofriends and family
answer why commits suicide
do not like playing music any more
only happy in childhood-end : it is better to burn out than to fade away peace love empathy(Mitgefühl) Kurt Cobain Frances and Courtney I’ll be your altar. Please keep going Courtney, for Frances. For her life, which will be so much better without me.
nirvana separated
Krist and Dave still in bands like foofighters
Kurt still in our minds
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