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Referat: Cigarretts, alcohol and drugs - english presentation

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Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs

Drugs can divide into 2 groups, legal and illegal drugs. Legal drugs are cigarettes, alcohol and medicines. Illegal drugs are ecstasy, LSD, cocaine, cannabis and so on.

At first I'll tell you something about cigarettes:

Smoking is legal, but only when you are 16 or older
Why do people smoke?
That is different, some people like the aroma of it and some people think that it relax.

Health risks

> For the teeth: The teeth of heavy smokers may become yellow from nicotine stains. Their breath often smells terrible.
> For the lungs: Smoking can damage the lungs so badly that a person cannot breathe properly. Many smokers suffer from bronchitis, asthma or lung cancer
> For the Heart: Smoking weaks the heart muscle and produces diseases of the arteries

Young smokers:
Often young people smoke, thats not good, because they are growing up and because of that you shouldnt smoke before you are 16, older or the best thing you can do is, that you never begin to smoke.

Now something about alcohol:

Alcohol is allowed for 18 year olds, but some things are also allowed for 16 year olds.
People drink alcohol to celebrate, to relax, to fell adult and manly, because all others do it, because they are bored because they enjoy the feeling they get from dinking, because they like the taste or because they like going out.

Alcohol is legal, but there are also Health risks:

Alcohol can slow down, the way the brain works. Or make people sleepy.
Another health risk develops for the heart. Alcohol increases a persons blood pressure and pulse rate. Heavy drinkers die more often from cirrhosis of the liver than the eneral population.
A person who is physically or psychologically dependent on alcohol is called alcoholic Alcoholism is an illness. It can only be controlled if the person gives up drinking for live.

My opinion to alcohol is, that it isnt bad to drink alcohol but you shouldnt exaggerate it.

Drugs and Symptoms:
Most of drugs are illegal.
Alcohol, Barbiturates-downers, Tranquillisers-valium, Gases and solvents-glues depress the nervous system. Effects: These drugs make you feel less tense and more relaxed. But you work less well mentally and physically and you lose self-control. Large amounts can make you drunk, feel drowsy or send you to sleep or unconscious. You can become psychologically and physically dependent and the more often you use them, the more you need to get the desired effects.

Amphetamines-speed, Cocaine-crack, Caffeine-coffee, Tobacco, LSD-acid are stimulate the nervous system. Effects: These make you feel more alert, you are able to stay awake and active longer without becoming tired or sleepy. But later you become depressed, hungry and tired. If you use it very often it makes you anxious, agitated and you are unable to sleep. You also can become psychologically dependent.
Mushrooms, Cannabis-grass, and marijuana are Drugs that alter perception. These make all your senses more intense and you get a feeling of unreality. They also can cause panic or anxiety. But theres no risk of physical dependency, but repeated use may cause temporary psychological disturbance.


Crime: A person, who is dependent on drugs would do anything to get more and more. But if they have no money, they begin to steal, turn to prostitution or even steal money from there parents.
Family: A person who take drugs often becomes moody (=launisch). Then he become strained from the family or friends and may break down.
Job: When your boss finds out that you are taking drugs he will fire you.
Health: A person can become Physica ill, get infections from sharing needles, or have accidents. They also could die on a overdose or on many other things...

Now I have some examples:

Cannabis is perhaps the most widely used psychedelic drug in human story.
It can be smoked, eaten or drank.
While opponents claim that the drug is addictive and dangerous, supporters claim that in 10,000 years no one has ever died from marijuana use.

It heightens alertness, inhibits appétit and the need for sleep. High danger of addictiveness.

Ecstasy is everywhere taken on our earth, it produces a unique experience of emotional bonding and exuberant happiness.
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