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Referat: Facebook presentation englisch

Alles zu Reviews and Presentations- Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in 4th February 2004 with Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes
- Usually meant for students of the Harvard University
- Later Facebook was available for students of USA
- 2006 even available for students outside of USA
- Later available for everyone
- In spring 2008 you can use Facebook in multiple languages, like german, spanish, france etc.
- After great success of Facebook the director David Fincher produced a film about Facebook called "The Social Network, but the movie isn't always true


1. What do you think, how much money Mark Zuckerberg gained because of Facebook?
17,5 billion dollar, so he was 2008 the youngest selfmade-billioniar
2. How many users are on facebook?
Over 900 milllion users are on Facebook worldwide.
3. Where do you think are the most Facebook users?

1. USA 157,4 Mio.
2. Indosia 41,8 Mio.
3. India 41,4 Mio.
4. Brasil 35,2 Mio.
5. Mexiko 31,0 Mio.

4. On which rank is Germany?
Germany was ranked in the end of 2011 with 22 Mio. users on place 10.
5. How much money Mark Zuckerberg gains pro user?
He gains less then 1 cent pro user.
6. How many fake-users exist on facebook worldwide?
44 million are fake users
7. Which gender is the most used for fake accounts and how high is the percentage?
97% are female.

What can you do on Facebook?
- All users have a profile page on which they can introduce themselves and share pictures and videos.
- On their profile page visitors can write public messages or publish blogs or leave notes
- Also they can send private messages or have a chat
- Friends can be invited to groups or events
- Through a observation list you will be informed about news

-Find new friendships
-refresh old friendships
-play online games and joining groups
-make commercials
-send messages for free

-no safety for your private files
-everyone knows about you before even knowing you
-your files are available for everyone
-crimes can be done because you gave to much information
-deleting your account isn't easy
-loosing your real life because of addiction
-wasting too much time on facebook
Es geht um die entstehung von facebook. zudem werden ein paar fragen gestellt und vor und nachteile genannt.
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