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Buchzusammenfassung von "A Christmas Mystery" von Jostein Gaarder

Alles zu Jostein Gaarder  - A Christmas MysteryThe first two chapters in „A Christmas Mystery“ deal with the christmas preparations of family Brown and a mystery happening.
The family is Mr Brown, who is a doctor, then Mrs Brown and their four children, who are called Susan, Margaret, Michael and John. At home they have two dogs and four cats. At the moment Mrs Brown and Susan and Margaret finish to pack the presents. Michael writes a letter to Father Christmas, when John arrives at home and enters the kitchen. In his hands he has hollies. His mum is angry, because everywhere are berries. John wants to discuses with his mother, but she laughs and says, that it is okay, because the hollies have to bring indoors. After John puts the hollies in the kitchen, he has to bring the collecting box, because his sisters would go singing again this day. John runs to his room and it is terrible; the box isn’t there. John goes upstairs frightened and says his mother, what happened. The family look again for the box, but it’s gone. Mrs Brown wants to ask his husband, whether he took the box away. The children run, before the mother can go. They across the garden, because the waiting-room and so is at the side of the house. However it is five minutes to five, so they must be hurry up, because the surgery will starts in some minutes. When they run through the garden, suddenly they stop, because they see the broken collecting-box under John’s window. Now, there isn’t any reason to go to their father. The children speak about, what can have happened and Michael would phone the police, but the others explain him that their friend at the police has to do more important things. The children go into the house and show the box to their mum. Mrs Brown says that Constable Jenkins, the police-man they know, will come the next morning and then they could show the box to him and say that the money is gone. However, now they have to eat their supper.
Chapters three and four in the book „A Christmas Mystery“ written by J.M. Capper deal with a suspicion expression for the robbery of the money.
The children went out, because they wanted to sing for other people. When they went from house to house, John, who is the Brown’s son, talked with Brian, who is a school friend. Brian wasn’t very happy, because his father was angry about him. In the evening the group sang in the hospital for the patients. Some times later the children went home.
The brothers and sisters Brown arrived at home, when their father had surgery out. He told something interesting. In his surgery was a boy from Margaret’s school and he cut his hand very badly. Margaret explained to her dad, that the boy always plays with a knife. The father interrupted her and said that this cut came from a piece of broken metal. So the children got the suspicion expression that the boy could rob the money, because the collecting box was broken and the boy cut himself. Everyone up to Margaret agreed. Then the mother entered the living-room and said, that Constable Jenkins, who is the known police-man, wanted to have all names of this people, who can always enter the house and know where the collecting box stand. The children shouted Margaret’s school friend, because he sometimes talks with John, who was looking for the box.
The father decided that John and Mike will go the farm, where the boy lives and ask, how his hand does and how he did it. The girls will make the housework, so they can’t come with the boys.
Die Datei beinhaltet eine Buchzusammenfassung von "A Christmas Mystery" von dem Autor Jostein Gaarder. Es werden Kapitel 1+2 und 3+4 in einzelnen Texten zusammengefasst, der gesamte Text ist auf Englisch. (621 Wörter)
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