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Cornelia Funke - "Inkheart" summary (chapters 11 - 15)

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Chapters eleven to fifteen

(A Coward ,Going Further South ,Capricorn's Village ,A Mission Accomplished ,Good Luck And Bad Luck)
In this night Dustfinger steals into Meggie's bedroom. He looks for “Inkheart” and finds it in Meggie's book-box. He starts to read in it but in the end hesitates to take it with him. Quietly he puts it back in it's place and leaves the room. The next morning Elinor ,Meggie and Dustfinger have a look at a road map. Dustfinger shows them where to look for the village Mo has been taken to. Some time later the three of them set off in Elinor's car in order to hand the book out to Capricorn and get Meggie's father back. They drive south for a very long time and finally reach Capricorn's village. A man sees the car arrive and goes over to them. Dustfinger starts to talk to him in a very familiar way which makes Meggie and Elinor suspicious. The man whose name is Basta tells the two of them to follow him. They are brought straight to Capricorn who takes “Inkheart” from Meggie. After this Basta takes her and Elinor to a tumbledown house and shuts them down in it. They find Mo locked up there, too. They are very glad to see him and Meggie falls into her father's arms at once.

Eine sehr ausführliche summary (Kapitel 11-15) des Romans "Inkheart" von Cornelia Funke. (English, ) (225 Wörter)
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