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Cornelia Funke - "Inkheart" summary ( chapters 6 - 11)

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Chapters six to ten

(Fire And Stars ,What The Night Hides ,Alone ,A Poor Exchange ,The Lion's Den)
Later Meggie is in the kitchen with Mo, Dustfinger and Elinor. Dustfinger asks Elinor to switch her alarm system off that night so that they could go outside for the show. Elinor agrees to switch it off for an hour between eleven and twelve o'clock. Mo decides to not watch the show and go on working instead. So at eleven o'clock Meggie and Elinor go outside in the garden to meet Dustfinger. But while the two of them are absolutely absorbed by the performance Mo gets kidnapped by Capricorn's men. Meggie keeps crying for a long time and Elinor tries to comfort her. Dustfinger disappears through the gates into the night. This night Meggie sleeps in Mo's room where she has a look at a picture of her mother which her father uses to keep under his pillow. The next morning Meggie decides to look for her father. She packs her things and writes a note for Elinor. She wants to place the note inside Elinors bedroom but wakes her up by doing so. Meggie notices that Elinor still has the book in her room. She asks her for the title of it and she tells her that it's called “Inkheart”. Meggie enquires to call the police because she is worried about her father but Elinor wants to just wait for a time. They start to quarrel about this subject and in the end decide to look for Mo together. Meggie goes outside into the garden in order to have a look at “Inkheart”. Suddenly Dustfinger appears next to her. He tells her that he knows where Mo has been taken. Soon Elinor joins them in the garden.

Eine sehr ausführliche summary des Romans(Kapitel 6-11) "Inkheart" von Cornelia Funke. (English, ) (296 Wörter)
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