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Cornelia Funke : "Inkheart" summary (chapters 1- 5)

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Chapters One to Five

(A Stranger In The Night ,Secrets ,Going South ,A House Full Of Books ,Only A Picture)
One night stranger comes to the house of Meggie and her father Mo. First Meggie is rather afraid of the man with the shabby clothes but her father tells her that this man is an old friend of his.He tells his daughter to go back to sleep and has a conversation with his friend Dustfinger. He tells Mo that a man called Capricorn is after a special book which Mo is hiding in his house. Dustfinger gives him advise to leave as soon as possible and look out for a hiding place because it would be fatal if Capricorn got hold of the book. Dustfinger suggests to drive to an aunt of Meggie's mother (who had disappeared when she was little) whose name is Elinor and is a great book collector. There, he thinks ,they could hide the book between the ones of her. So the next day Mo tells Meggie they would visit aunt Elinor to help her restore some old books. When they pack their things Meggie sees her father with an old book in his hands. She becomes interested in it, but when Mo notices her, he hides the book quickly. Some time later they drive off south together with Dustfinger (and his marten Gwin). The next morning they reach Elinor's house. Meggie thinks that it looks very uninviting and asks Mo about Elinor. He tells her that she doesn't particularly like children. Mo rings the doorbell and Elinor opens. She is surprised to see Mo but still glad. When she first sets her eyes on Meggie she doesn't recognize her because she has seen her the last time when she was a very little girl. She first doesn't want to let Dustfinger into her house because she thinks his name could have something to do with the way he treats books but she can be persuaded by Mo. Elinor leads them in and, after she made sure that Meggie won't touch anything, lets them have a look at her library. In a glass display case Meggie sees an old book with beautiful coloured illuminations in it. After some time they leave the library and have supper together. After the meal Mo leaves the kitchen and Meggie follows him unseen.He leaves the house and comes back with the book which Capricorn wants to have. But just when Mo entered the library again and shut the door behind him Dustfinger appears behind Meggie. He asks her if she has seen the book but she lies at him and says no. She asks him what was so important about it but he doesn't want to tell her. Instead he tells her to find out what happens in the library and pushes her through the door. Inside she sees Mo and Elinor with their heads bent over the book. Her father asks Elinor if it wit would be safe at her place and she assures him it would. Then she turns round and sees Meggie who asks them what is so special about the book. Elinor tells her that there wouldn't be anything special about it for a little girl. But Meggie isn't satisfied with this answer and so Elinor tells her to have a look at it by herself. After this Mo takes Meggie to her to her room while Elinor stays in the library with the book. The next morning Meggie goes looking for Dustfinger in order to talk to him and finds him in the garden juggling. She asks him what he knows about the book but he just says that he would maybe tell her about it later. He offers her to come back later at night and watch him giving a juggling performance. She agrees and goes back inside the house. She joins her father in his new workshop next to the library. While he is working she talks to him about the book, Gwin the marten and asks him why he never reads aloud to her. He tells her that he just doesn't like reading aloud. Meggie isn't satisfied with this answer but doesn't ask further. She fetches some books from the workshop and takes them to her room.

Eine sehr ausführliche Summary des Romans "Inkheart" von Cornelia Funke. Nach Kapiteln sortiert. (English, ) (715 Wörter)
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