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Louis Sachar "Holes"

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© By Korbinian Rauch

My first impression is that the book will be interesting in the book you can see the behaviour of arrested children But I don’t like the descriptions of the words because they often use words we don’t know yet

Chapter One
Camp Green Lake is a dry wasteland without a lake where children who were committed of a crime are sent to.
Chapter Two
The narrator doesn’t think that it’s useful to make them dig a hole every day.

Chapter Three
Stanley pretends to be looking forward to his stay at camp green lake. His no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather always is to blame when something goes wrong. Stanley’s family is very poor. His father is workless and tried to invent a way to recycle old sneakers. His father’s methods to recycle old sneakers always fail but he has a very good perseverance.
”if only, if only,” the woodpecker sighs,
“The bark on the tree was just a little bit softer.”
While the wolf waits below, hungry and lonely.
“if only, if only.”

Chapter Four
The first one Stanley met at Camp Green Lake was Mr Sir. Mr Sir doesn’t like the children at Camp Green Lake. The real message behind “This isn’t a girl scout camp” and “Yes Mr Sir” is that Mr Sir wants to show that he is respected and very important.

Chapter Five
Mr Pendanski respects the inmates of the juvenile correction center. Stanley does not want him to think he has a bad attitude. In contrast to “Mom” the boys prefer their nicknames to their real names.

Chapter Six
Stanley isn’t a thief he was convicted of stealing shoes that would have been auctioned for about five thousand dollars and this money would have been for the homeless.
Chapter Seven
Digging a hole was very hard for Stanley. His Roots are from Latvia.
Stanley’s great-great-grandfather Elya Yelnats fell in love with Myra Menke when he was fifteen and Myra fourteen years old. Igor Barkow, who loved Myra, too, offered his fattest pig for her and Elya could only offer a heart full of love. With Myra does father want to have a fat pig Elya went to see Mrs Zeroni and asked her what to do. She gave him a pig which he always had to carry up a mountain. There is a stream where water ran uphill. Every day the pig has to drink some water and he would have to sing the pig lullaby to it. On Myra’s birthday it would have been bigger than any of Igor Barkow’s pigs. On Myra’s birthday she told him to go up the mountain the last time. He didn’t want to smell like a pig, so he took a shower. On Myra’s birthday his and Igor’s pig weight the same. Myra’s father said Myra has to decide who she will marry. Elya said she should marry Igor. Then he moved to America, where he fell in love with Sarah Miller, an intelligent woman.
Zero’s one weird dude because of his strange look and behavior and the other boys think that he is a bittle silly.
Stanley spat into his hole.

Chapter Eight
In this chapter something about the lizards is told so you can think that they will get an important role in the story.
Chapter Nine
The typical behavior of the boys in the wreck room is that they destroy everything.
Stanley’s nickname is Caveman. A caveman is a man who lives in a hole in a mountain which is also called a cave.
Stanley thinks that the other boy is called Caveman and got a little bit afraid.
Chapter Ten
Stanley found the fossil of a fish in his second hole but that wasn’t interesting for the warden.

Chapter Eleven
While Stanley dug his second hole he thought how it was when the other boys of the camp would beat down Derrick Dunne.
Chapter Twelve
The question sounds strange because the boys of the camp have no plans for their future yet.
Stanley would like to work at the FBI.
I would find it good that he takes his time to discuss what we will do.
Chapter Thirteen
Stanley finds a golden tube in which KB is engraved.
He gives it to X-Ray because he told him to give him anything interesting he finds and told him to give it to Mr Pendanski the next day then he only has to dig little bit of his hole.
Chapter Fifteen
Because of X-Ray’s found two boys always had to dig a six foot big hole.
Chapter Sixteen
The warden lost her patience and Stanley got a letter from his Mom.

Chapter Seventeen
The Warden became sad because they found nothing and Zigzag has beaten Stanley with his shovel because Stanley threw a bit of “his” dirt into Zigzag’s hole.
Chapter Eighteen
While Stanley was reading a letter from his Mom Zero told him that he can neither read or write.

Chapter Nineteen
Magnet stole a sack of sunflower seeds and when Zigzag threw the sack to Stanley it got open and the seeds ran away into his hole so he had to go to the warden.
Chapter Twenty
The warden scratched Mr Sir’s face with her rattlesnake poison flavored nail polish.
Chapter Twenty-one
Arriving at his hole Stanley saw zero digging Stanley’s hole.
Chapter Twenty-two
Stanley started to teach to read and write to zero and found out that KB means Kate Barlow
The character I like best is Mr Pendanski
He understands the inmates and respects them and he tries to help them.
The character I like least is Mr Sir
He doesn’t even try to have the children as friends, disrespect them and is malevolent to them.
Chapter Twenty-Three-Twenty-Eight
Katharina Barlow was a teacher in the city of Green Lake. In the evening she taught adult people. Most of them only went to see Kate but they only got an education. Trout Walker a boy who always got what he wanted also loved her. But she said no to him and he couldn’t understand it. In Green Lake there was a man who sold onions, Sam the black onion man who has got a donkey who pulls the car with onions. Kate asked Sam to fix the roof of the schoolhouse. Kate always said that something at the schoolhouse was wrong that Sam could repair it only that she could talk to him. When the schoolhouse was all over repaired Kate was very sad, so she went to see Sam and kissed him. Hattie Parker saw them. Trout Walker destroyed the schoolhouse with some people. Kate went to the Sheriff who wanted her to kiss him and he was drunk. They wanted to hang Sam. Kate and Sam left the city in Sam’s boat but Trout Walker’s boat was much faster than the one of Sam. They shot Sam and his donkey Mary Lou. Three days later she shot the sheriff, took some red lipstick and kissed him and ran away. Since this moment Kissing Kate Barlow was the most feared outlaw. Twenty years later she returned to Green Lake which now was a dry wasteland. Three months after her return Trout Walker came to her and wanted her loot that she had buried. They tied Kate’ feet and let her walk barefoot on the hot ground until she would have taken them to her loot then a lizard bit her and she died.

Chapter Twenty-nine to Fifty
The boys of Group D were sad because Stanley didn’t have to do anything. On Zigzag’s birthday Zigzag said he wanted to dig Stanley’s hole and because of that a fight between Stanley and Zigzag began. Because of that zero was no more allowed to dig a part of Stanley’s hole and Stanley was no more allowed to teach zero to read and write. Zero ran away. While Mr. Sir gave the children something to drink Stanley went into the truck and drove. After a while he saw a boat lying on the ground. Zero was in the boat he gave Stanley some “sploosh”. Zero didn’t know what it was so he called it sploosh. Stanley wanted Zero to go back to the camp but Zero didn’t want to go back, so they went to the Mountain they could see. They came to the end of the lake they came to a cliff which was about fifty feet high. Then they were at the foot of the mountain. Zero collapsed and fell onto the ground. Stanley carried him up the mountain. There was mud. Stanley digged a hole with his hands and found water he drank some and gave Zero some and found an onion. The next day Stanley wanted to search the shovel he dropped when he started to carry Zero and Zero told him that he stole Clyde’s shoes. Stanley found the shovel and returned. They decided to go back and find the treasure Kate has hidden. They went to the hole where Stanley found the lipstick and digged. Stanley found the treasure. The warden, Mr Pendanski and Mr Sir came but the hole in which Stanley was a lizard nest. Stanley’s lawyer came and they left the camp. While they were leaving Stanley wanted the lawyer to take Zero with them. They wanted to see Zero’s file which didn’t exist. So he could go with them.

The “teenspeak” words are especially their nicknames or when they don’t know the name of something they give a name for example Sploosh, X-Ray, Caveman, Armpit.
c)I’ve found two articles about boot camps.
One of them was written from the point of view of the people who think that the boot camps are something good. They write that parents can send their children to a boot camp and they help the parents they say: “The programs and camps we work with are very similar to live in an army basic training or boot camp situation. The youth will learn to address their superiors with yes sir, yes ma’am etc. They will learn to shine their boots, make their bed, and participate in kitchen duties.”
All that you can get for about 2.100$ per month when you can telephone 1-800-78-18081
And if your child is in the juvenile system you can send your child into a state founded boot camp for free.
They will learn to shine their boots, make their bed and participate in kitchen duties.
The other text was from the Spiegel magazine.
They say that they are extremely cruel to the children. For example when one of them is gay he gets a shock therapy Anthony Haynes (14) died on 1.July. He had to stay in the desert for hours and eat sand. But that wasn’t the only one who died. Since 1980 at least 30 children died in 11 States. The articles from which I used the information are at the end of my reading log and can be watched at
You can see a research report at

“Hey you guys you don’t have to dig any more hole because I and Zero found a treasure the Warden was looking for and the yellow spotted lizards don’t bite you if you eat a lot of onions. and the treasures belonged to one of my ancestors whose name was Stanley Yelnats, too and his name was engraved into the treasure.
Hey Warden, bad luck.
Mr. Sir you should change your behavior.
Mr Pendanski why did you support that and that I can’t understand you because you know how hard it was for us to dig these holes.

The message behind this novel was that everybody gets to know how hard it is for the children in those camps, trusting yourself standing up for your friends the broad issues of racial equality, anti-discrimination, and the importance of learning to read and write.

I agree with the most who say that the book is something for ten to twelve years old children, but I don’t think that Camp Green Lake is how someone said a military camp. I also agree with the boy who said that it is bad because it isn’t funny at all. I think that it is bad, too because of the two stories in one book.
Für das Buch haben wir ein Aufgabenblatt gekriegt, also wer das am Gymi Füssen machen muss kann des nehmen.
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