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Analysing a horse Cartoon

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Analysing a Cartoon

The cartoon was drawn by W. Miller, and the date of publishing and the source are unknown.
The cartoonist confronts us with a scene with which he criticises the issue that people often do not make the hobbies to a job.
The picture shows a scene with two teenage girls who are riding horses.
In the middle, are these two adolescences, and they are riding. Both are wearing clothes like a helmet for riding a horsehorse riding. The horses seem to walk slowly because the girls are talking to each other. The young woman in the front is talking to the other.
At the bottom in of the cartoon, a text line statesthere is a quotation of one of the girls: the girls phrases: "I just know I'm going to love horses all my life. That's why I'm planning to have a career in banking, insurance and real estate.. Consequently, the teenagers seem to be friends because of exchanging private information. Furthermore, the girls are smiling, h. Hence they have fun in enjoy doing their hobbies together.
Judging from the clothes as well as the doing, it seems to be a warm day in summer or spring.
The cartoon implies that a lot of role models state: "Turn your hobby into your job!. However, the most young people are choosingchoose a career, where they earn a lot of money, to have a promising future. FinallyHowever, lots of people have no fun in their doingdo not enjoy their job.
The cartoonist may want to convey that having fun in a job is more important than earning money!
In my opinion, it is important essential to have fun in yourenjoy your job. Young people should be informed that they can find the right career with the help of for instance a career counselling.
The cartoon appeals to me because the artist presents his meassage in an ironic and funny way. The text below helps to understand the message very quickly.
Kartoonanalyse eines Bildes mit zwei Mädchen auf zwei Pferden (W. Miller) (340 Wörter)
20.12.2021 von ProfStyx
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