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Helpful expressions for an analysing a text

Alles zu Präpositionen (Connections)Helpful words and expressions for analysing texts (especially film analysing)
introduction key words Time structure connectives Stylistic devices imagery conclucion This clip deals with…
Fist of all…
The text expresses/explores…
To begin with/to start with I would like to comment on…

The following analysis will show/deal with/examine this phenomenon in more detail… a) content:
b) technical terms

(film analysis):
special effects
camera work In the beginning…
In the end…
At first (erst)
First of all (erstens) Furthermore
In contrast to
Because of
In addition to
In spite of/despite
As long as
According to This effect is underlined by…
The main theme/topic is…
The instrumental part is…
By using a long shot/With a long shot the camera work wants to express…
The camera uses a medium shot to highlight…
The viewer can see in a long shot that…
By making use of a zoom-in the camera stresses/one gets the impression of
A close up is used to underline
This situation/setting/scene is shown in a close-up
The perspective changes to/switches to/develops into an eye-level-shot.
After using an establishing shot a close-up follows.
Panning-shots taken from the man’s perspective show… Metaphor
All in all
In conclusion
To sum up/summing up
In general
After examining
That’s why
The result of the analysis is
To round things off
As a result of this
Concluding, one can say
On top of that
Work on contrasts!
Are there unnatural situations? Interpret!
Have a look at the facial expressions, the posture, the cloths and the props (Requisiten)
Damit man nicht immer die selben Ausdrücke benutzt und schöne Übergänge findet, hab ich diese Tabelle zusammengestellt.
Helpful words and expressions for analysing texts (especially film analysing) (257 Wörter)
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