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America's role in the world

Alles zu USA - Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

Four options to America's role in the world

Leading the world to democracy
American values of democracy and freedom are the standard by which all other countries should be measured. Therefore, authoritarian states must become democratic ones through regime change. Relationships with tyrannical regimes should be avoided and the military may be used to keep international troublemakers in check.
supporting arguments:
> Aggressive tyrants and oppressive regimes will be stopped only when the United States intervenes.
=> stop of terrorism
> Democracies are much less likely to start wars. Thus, the world will be more peaceful by spreading democratic values.
> Democracy as the only political system that absolutely ensures freedom and equality should be accessible to everyone in the world Concerns:
> Pressuring other governments will spark criticism that the United States is trying to control the world
> Many societies reject the US definition of democracy and human rights (US is still executing death penalty)
> Deep-seated forces of history and culture need to be accepted
> the imperialistic attitude only consists of showing off power
> also: mainly pressuring by force, not by development

Protect US global interests
We must focus on our main interests as our own security, our trade relationships, our access to crucial raw materials, and stopping the spread of nuclear weapons. We must be prepared to intervene around the globe if our vital interests are at stake.
supporting arguments:
> protection of economy equals protection of citizens
> reality: hot spots must be seen
> leadership and control are necessary for a globalized world and the US has the (military) strength, courage and authority to do so. Concerns:
> exploitation of raw material harms countries and citizens
> Intervention in political issues of different countries
> only seeding more violence
> negotiations necessary also with undemocratic countries.

Build a more cooperative world
Today's world is independent and we cannot stand alone. We must take the initiative to bring the nations of the world together. We have no choice but to play a leadership role in strengthening the UN's role. We must be willing to give up a part of our sovereignty to the UN and to support its initiative.
supporting arguments:
> international organisations are needed to bring peace to the world
=> worth giving up sovereignty
> unity is created to fight against terrorism => stronger and more effective in a group
> sticking together also means helping each other (instead of blaming each other). (Therefore the US might possess the idol and leadership role.)
> environmental and financial problems, diseases, refugees and nuclear imminence are global concerns that need a cooperative world to be solved. Concerns:
> intervening in every country is quite expensive
> certain countries also might feel to be disadvantaged
> US announces themselves as very important, though thy are not elected (=> so it's undemocratic). This way they act as a world police (Truman Doctrine)

Protect the US homeland
The US has spent billions of dollars an its allies and the developing countries but its recent military involvements overseas have only made it new enemies. It is time for the US to bring its troops overseas home and to face the challenges at home (e.g. sagging economy, decaying schools, a shaky health care system and the protection against terrorism).
supporting arguments:
> Saving money to spend on inner concerns as e.g. the building up of a health care system
> concentrating on inner conflicts in the future eventually makes US citizens support Involvements overseas even stronger.
> improvement of self-confidence
> the stop of interventions could create more relaxation because then the US is not as much a target to terrorists. Concerns:
> taking back troops would mean a loss of the US' status in the world
> bringing the troops home right away is uneasy and could also destabilize the countries => slow take back
> if the US takes back it troops other countries might use the chance to take over themselves (e.g. North Korea)
> could also mean an escalation of conflicts
Mögliche Stellungen von Amerika in der Weltpolitik. Verschiedene Ansichtsweisen und ihre Vor- und Nachteile. (650 Wörter)
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