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The Westboro Baptist Church

Perhaps they are the most hated family in America: "The Phelps. Minister Fred Phelps and his extended family founded their own church which attracted attention due to in inhuman slogans and sermons. They demand the death penalty for homosexuals and welcome the death of soldiers in Iraq.
"God hates fags or "Thanks god for the dead soldiers is written on their placards. With these placards the Phelps are going to funerals of killed in action soldiers in Iraq.
In Their opinion the death of these soldiers is the fair wage of punishment for fighting for a corrupt country.
The followers of the Westboro Baptist church think that a lot of things are corrupt, but the most corrupt thing is homosexuality.
Big catastrophes like the 11th of September or the whirlwind Cathrina is gods will for demanding homosexuality in America.
Fred Phelps is born in 1929 and an ultraconservative, homophobe and anti-Semitic American.
He is also the speaker of the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas which he has founded in 1955 at the age of 26. The Westboro Baptist Church is not connected with any other denominations and is public known as a hate group. They call themselves Baptists but no other Baptist religious community accepts their opinions.

Fred Phelps is an educated lawyer but in 1977 the American community of lawyers decided to disqualify him because of improper behavior.
He has raised 16 kids, 11 of them are lawyers as well.
The Westboro Baptist Church contains 60-80 members which are principally related or related by marriage with each other.
The first time this group draws attention to themselves was in 1991 as they made their first demonstration. In compare to their demonstrations nowadays they were quite peaceful and calm.

Since several years their appearance is aggressive and their slogans are very provocative. The supporters of the Westboro Baptist Church believe that their god is a god filled with hatred. This god will never miss any opportunity to punish the mankind which do not believe at him or change his words.
Their basic Ideas are:
Homosexuality is a sin
Toleration of homosexuality is a sin
To be a member of the army of a corrupt country which tolerates homosexuality is a sin
The honor of flags and symbols of a god hated country is a sin
Anti-Semitism is justified because the Jews are responsible of the death of Jesus Christ

The statement that god hates nearly all of the humanity is based on an article in the Bible: John 3,16: For in this way God loved the world: that he gave the unique son, so that all the ones trusting in him would not perish, but have eternal life.
In their interpretation of that article god only loves a small group of several chosen people ti give them eternal live. All other mankind will go to hell.
The members of the Westboro Baptist Church never try to convert other people, the just preach to people that the hate of god will bring them to hell. Because they never feared him and didn't live by the standards and rules of the Westboro Baptist Church.
Slogans on their posters are:
God hates fags God hates America
God hates Jews God hates you
Rabbis rape kids YOU are going to hell
Fags are beasts AIDS cures fags
2 gay rights: AIDS and hell Death penalty for fags

Now I will tell you about an actual story: At the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut happened at the 14th of December 2012 a big massacre: The 20 years old Adam Lanza first killed his Mom and the went to the school and shot the school director, 6 other adults and 20 children.
The Westboro Baptist Church used this massacre as an opportunity to make a picket at the Sandy Hook Elementary School: They sang to god and thanked him for doing justice in this corrupt country. On their website they published following phrase: "Perfect Xmas destruction: Thanks god for the perpetrator at the Sandy Hood Elementary School, Newton, Connecticut. 20 children and 8 adults! Good proportion!
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