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english is bad

Frage: english is bad
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Mein english ist de rgrößte scheis der welt bitte mal korigiernen=()


Is Schooluniform in Schools good or not?

Its meaningful, because so everyone is in the community and you arent judge because your clothes.
Its also good, because poor kids have the same clothes like rich kids.
So there is no rivalry.
An other Point are the marks. When everyone wear the same the pupil not diverted in the class.

But when everyone wear the same, you can´t realized Personalities.
And that’s bad for your aplomb
Also you often don´t like your schooluniform, because the colour is bad or you think she is too long(skirt).
And also lot of girls don´t like skirts and the schooluniform for girls is mostly a skirt.
The next point is, that when the clothes are equal, pupil find an other way to boast. With mobiles for example.

My oppinion is, that schooluniforms only then good, when the pupil can decide how the uniform should be.
GAST stellte diese Frage am 24.01.2006 - 16:18

Antwort von GAST | 24.01.2006 - 16:22
schooluniformS good or bad?

Antwort von GAST | 24.01.2006 - 16:22
Toller Witz^^...Das is schon so dumm, das es wieder auffällig wird;-)

Antwort von GAST | 24.01.2006 - 16:23
Are schooluniforms at schools good or bad?

It`s meaningful (?), because in that way everyone is in the community (?) and you arent judged of your clothes........

Ich glaub mit nem Text auf Deutsch würds einfacher gehen, das zu übersetzen...

Antwort von GAST | 24.01.2006 - 16:28
The Meaning of wearing schooluniforms is good, because everyone knows to be in a Community raises solidariry. But you don´t punish people, for wearing other clothes...

Another point is, that all kids, equal of rich or poor wearing the same unifrom...

Sodele...fertig....hab ja auch sonst nix zutun:-D

Gruss Kai

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