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Composition Why learn English

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Why learn English?

In today's schools you often have a choice what languages you want to learn. Most of the students choose English as first foreign tongue instead of French or Latin. But why? Well, actually I chose English, too. So I will try to answer this question.
One argument for English is the very huge circle of people speaking it. Some people say with English you can be understood in all countrys of the world. In the USA or the UK you can't live or work without English because you won't understand nothing and probably nobody maybe a small number of people will understand you.
Learning English is a good idea, because it's required by a lot of companys. In huge international enterprises, but also in little companys English is very important for employes and bosses. This fact is another advantage of English, because you can work in England or the USA and in fact in any other English speaking country.
English has become very important in daily life. Take a manual of a new device like a TV or anything similar. The first and maybe even the only speech of this manual will be English. It's also very important for films and books because some of these are bad translated or syncronized. To demonstrate the fact there are some word-plays and gags which don't work anymore in a translation. What is more you'll might have the original speakers and not some unknown people.
Summing up one can say that English is a living and sometimes funny language and maybe the language most spoken on the world. So I think it's a good idea for everyone to learn English to have all the advantages and options it provides.

290 words Composition "Why learn English", composition-style, 3 Arguments, strongest-weakest (289 Wörter)
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