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Hansberry, L- A Raisin in the sun: Characterization Ruth

Frage: Hansberry, L- A Raisin in the sun: Characterization Ruth
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Hallo, ich habe eine Characterization von Ruth aus dem Drama "A Raisin in the sun" geschrieben, es wäre echt toll wenn jemand mir dazu eine kurze Rückmeldung geben könnte! Es geht mir eher um die Sprache und weniger um den Inhalt also muss man den Charakter nicht unbedingt kennen.
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Hier ist die Characterization
In the following text I`m going to characterize Ruth who is a main character from the drama " A Raisin in the sun" which was published in 1959 and written by Lorraine Hansberry.
As a foundation for the characterisation serves the given extract from the drama. What is noticeable at the first glance is that Ruth is a calm and lovely person who genuinely cares about her family. Her relation to other characters is depicted as very lovely especially her extraordinary relation to Lena is embossed by deep conversations.
Ruth is portrayed as a black woman who is about 30 years old and and she is an American who currently lives in Chicago. Especially striking is her relation to religion, Ruth is a faithful christian but she doesn`t shows that too often. All these mentioned aspects of her can be recognised as her explicitly mainly because those are easy accessible hard facts such as her social background and her outward appearance.
The author creates the mixed atmosphere towards Ruths personality by her chice of her charachter traits and the use of conflicts in the drama. This qill be shown in the following. The author refers to a well known sterotype of a mid age women such as her trait that she does the household. Furthermore, she strongly puts emphasis on her personality thats she holds the family together and wants us to see Ruth the same way she presents her. In addition, it is clearly visible that Ruth is a a dynamic character because of the fact that she changes her mood which shows that her character is dynamic.
First off all, you can clearly notice that the author tries to draw the audiences attention to the fact that the scene depicts that Ruth lives in horrendous living conditions by representing the situation in the youngers apartment. From her living condition you can conclude how drained Ruth is from her life. Matter fact, Ruth is disappointed with the direction her life took. Moreover she makes use of words like goin. That is exactly how the language is supposed to allow the reader to get a look in her mindset which shows that she is not that educated. A possible reason for her lack of education might be that she didn`t experienced the best education. Ultimately common sense indicates that Ruth wants the best for her family which clarifies the Intent of Ruth which is to provide for her family even though she`s not that educated.
A further significant aspect is that her behaviour clearly indicates that Ruths mental health is not good. Therefore it is quite obvious that her conflict with her son Travis is evoked through her mental health. This reveals different sides of Ruth, on the one hand she really wants to provide for her family and on the other hand she is stressed out. However as a result of this I firmly believe that her crucial predominant character trait is her love to her family wehre she sacrifices a lot. Nevertheless she is also somebody who works a lot in the household. On top of that you can also consider it vice versa due to the aspect that she wants to escape from her desolate life. A reason for this might be that she has to be there for her family members but she is unhappy with her current situation. Consequently it is pretty clear that she has an inner conflict with herself.
In conclusion I can express that she convinces her feelings impeccably and extremely effective from my point of view. Without any doubt Ruth exactly knows how to hold the family together properly. I also assume that the author wants us to see Ruth as someone who cares and aslo wants a better life. Moreover she`s absolutely a strong woman which makes sure we can not over read her concisely communicated strong personality. Additionally I believe that she is a person who does not experiences a development during the plot because of the fact that she doesn`t change. However it`s also mandatory for static character like Ruth who is the backbone to stand on for her family.

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