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Characterization of Atticus Finch

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Kristin Devantier

Characterization of Atticus Finch
In the novel “To Kill A Mockingbird” the author Harper Lee presents his characters through the eyes of the young protagonist Scout Finch.
One of the main characters is her widowed father Atticus Finch. Although he has no school education and was thought by his father, he became lawyer. He, as an upper-class man, is well-dressed, wears glasses, has black and gray hair and neither drinks nor smokes. By being known for his justice, honesty and tolerance he is a well-regarded member of the Maycomb society. He stands up for what he believes is right, helps people and gives full respect to them at all times regardless of their race or social status ( Mr. Cunningham, Mayella Ewell, ...). By living his motto that all beings must be accepted and treated equally, he tries to be a good role model (behavior towards Cal, understanding explanations) for his children who at first cannot distinguish between justice and injustice. He teaches his children how to read and write and sets a skilful example to learn morality, fairness and righteousness. Despite the criticism of the neighborhood, Atticus lets them run “wild” to let them learn from their own experiences. Although he sometimes doubts his abilities as a male expert single parent, for instance by not being a stereotype father who plays football with his children, he tries to give his best by raising Jem and Scout in a fair and tolerant home. By explaining to his daughter Scout how to understand other people by “walking around in their skin” , he prevents a prejudiced and intolerant behavior which could lead to injustice and explains the necessity of a compromise. As a result, he passes on his own wisdom to his children in a subtle manner. To be credible and convincing towards his children, Atticus lives by what he teaches his children and does not change his attitude. In consequence of that he wants to defend Tom Robinson, an African-American who is charged with raping a white girl, Mayella Ewell. In spite of knowing that he will lose this case he defends him to the best of his abilities. By reason of his (one could even say revolutionary) attitude and especially in a case that contradicts the word and honor of a white woman, he is criticized by most Maycomb members because they fear the restructuring of the system of segregation. By reason of breaking these unwritten rules of discrimination, Atticus Finch displays a lot of courage and also passes this value onto his children. On the basis of not accepting anything but the truth, he is even willing to take the consequences for the possible murder of Bob Ewell by his son Jem.
In conclusion, Atticus Finch who transfers his abilities and attitudes towards life, people and their relationships to his children and teaches them to be understanding by looking deep into people before making any judgments upon them, is owing to his tolerance, fairness and his honesty a role model for any person and any society.
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This is an analysis of the character Atticus Finch who is one of the main-characters of the novel"To Kill a Mockingbird" written by Harper Lee. (512 Wörter)
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