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"The Graduate" by Charles Webb: Characterization of Ben

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Charles Webb - The Graduate

Homework: Characterize Ben throughout the story

In the beginning of the story Ben is presented to us as a rich young man, who has just graduated from college. But behind this good image is hidden a very confused young man, who is worrying about his future. On the first evening described in the story, Ben is very moody. He doesnt want to talk or see anybody. When he drives Mrs. Robinson home and she tries to seduce him he resists the whole evening and the only thing she makes him do is to unzip her dress. But a few days later he changes his mind and they decide to meet in a hotel.

Although Ben knows its completely wrong to be with Mrs. Robinson, they start having a sexual affair. Parallel to that things at Bens house are getting worse. His insecurities about his future are getting bigger and bigger until one day he takes his car and drives away. When he comes back, he wants to break up with Mrs. Robinson. But hes too weak to turn his plan into reality. So they just go on seeing each other. Then one day Mrs. Robinson announces the arrival of her daughter Elaine and makes Ben to promise, that he will never have a date with her. But he does and they fall in love. Ben is standing between those two women and wants to break it up with Mrs. Robinson. But shes not leaving him in peace and when Elaine finds out about the affair her mother and her boyfriend were having, she moves away into another city. It took Ben about half a year to fix it up with Elaine again. So in the end love won over. Now Ben knew what he wanted to do in his future and was looking forward to it.

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