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Can you please correct my text ? 1)

Frage: Can you please correct my text ? 1)
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As for the language combination it has been challenging translating some words and concepts from and into Italian and at the same time conveying the same message presented in the original article. For example, in the Nicola Porro article, I encountered difficulties in translating into English the talk shows hosted by Nicola Porro because in Italian even though the association makes sense (Virus- Il contagio delle idee), translating this particular expression word for word may not have any sense for an English-speaking reader. In the same article translating the press review Zuppa di Porro into English was quite demanding because an Italian reader could grasp the joke behind this expression (Porro, which in English means “leek”, is the surname of this journalist), but an English reader would not have grasped the joke if the translation had been word for word.

As for participation in class discussion I have always tried during the lessons to speak up and give my contribution to certain matters. The most recent example that comes to mind is when the student Camilla Manservigi had problems in publishing her article about Satispay because it contained some information that could be perceived by readers as advertising content. In this case, I presented some parts, which could have been seen as non-neutral and biased.

During this course and the weekly assignments, I consolidated research and analysis skills with a view to translation. I have learned that conducting research before starting to translate is also important in order to deliver a better translation, ensuring the correct use of words, especially if it is a technical text. Another aspect to take into account is the register used in the Source Text, which must be respected in the Target Text. For example, a Wikipedia article usually requires a formal and neutral register. Therefore, in a translation for informational and non-advertising purposes, the use of particular adjectives or verbs, which underlines the positive features of a business company or agency, must be thought out so that it does not lead to a biased translation. These are aspects that I will take into consideration for future translation courses, but also for my future working career. I have also improved my knowledge and skills of the English language thanks to the professor and my fellow students’ feedbacks. During the class session I found the group work particularly interesting and motivating as I was able to compare myself with other students on translation issues and learn new methods and approaches that I did not know before.
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