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Australian Connection: Zusammenfassung Kapitel 4

Frage: Australian Connection: Zusammenfassung Kapitel 4
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Hallo zusammen ich soll als Hausaufgabe eine Zusammenfassung über kapitel 4 des Buches The Australien Connection und wollte fragen ob die Zeitform, Rechtschreibung und ob die Zusammenfassung Ausreicht. Danke im voraus

Chapter 4, “The Big Decision,” is about Alex coming to Sydney after his short trip to meet his dad. But his father was not there instead, dani was in the kitchen and asked Alex if he wanted to come with the band on a journey. Mary tells Alex that his father has to travel to Singapore because he arrived one week before. During the next week, Alex and the band went to Melbourne where they have their first concert. The concert takes place in a club called “Angelos”. Pete, Joe, Alex, dani and terry play in discos and clubs around Phillip island. The next evening, Alex and dani meet on the beach and the two talk a lot about it comes out of the Alex has fallen in love with dani, he kisses dani the two are now a few. The next day the band goes to the other side of the island to summerland beach there are more Engagements . Dani and Alex want to meet more and more often but this is not possible because the two have a hard band job and always gigs and new songs have to learn by arguing often.
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