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The Australian Connection by Paul Stewart

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The Australian Connection by Paul Steward

The novel "The Australian Connection" by Paul Steward deals with a young boy, called Alex, who meets his real father for the first time after sixteen years. He didn't see him since his parents divorced when he was a 2 years old child.

The 18 years old Britain boy, Alexander, made a deal with his mother. It included that he's allowed to travel to everywhere in the world if he passes his exam well. And he did! His mother remembered her promise. Alex decided to visit his real father, Tom, after 16 years without any connection to him. When he finally arrived at Sydney he only met Mary (Tom's new wife) and his half-brothers. She picked him up and Alex felt really at home because of their hospitality. Later he learned to know a girl of his age who lives in the neighbourhood. She played in a band called "The Beat Crew". Their bass-guitarist didn't play as good as Alex so he replaced him. Since when Alex and Dani spend a lot of time together... After all they fell in love. But Alex also visited the outback and got to know the vastness of Oz and at least, he met his dad, of course. "The Beat Crew" became more successful with every appearance they had. The song "Jumpy" they've written had gone up to the top of the charts. But as quick as the success arrived it disappeared. Two members of the band changed their look and shaved their heads like skinheads and looked like racists. The multi-cultural audience they played in front of didn't like them anymore and they didn't got any pleasant bookings anymore. At the end of the novel Alex went back to England to take the chance of studying. But Dani came with him.

The novel is written in a way of English which can be very easy to understand by people in my age. There are less unknown words. "The Australian Connection" also shows problems and difficulties in the childhood of a Britain boy who has grown up without his father and his mixed feelings than dad and son finally met.On the other hand the story is very unrealistic because the career of the band has gone up too fast as it would be possible without professional promotion. There were also coincidences which can't really happen. In my opinion the book is suitable for learning English and for starting reading English novels.

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