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Englisch Dialog USA bitte berichtigen (schnell!)

Frage: Englisch Dialog USA bitte berichtigen (schnell!)
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Hallo zusammen!
Wir sollen im Englisch Unterricht einen Dialog halten über eigentlich alles, was wir bis jetzt über die USA gelernt haben (Geschichte, Lebensgefühl, ...).
Vom Inhalt her ist der Dialog okey, sagt zumindest unsere Lehrerin. Das heißt ich brauche nur jemanden, der sich den mal durchliest und vorhandene Grammatik- und Rechtschreibfehler berichtigt. Wenn möglich bitte heute noch, weil wir den morgen schon halten müssen.
Danke schon mal im voraus :)


(Isabell is listening to an American song; Tyra enters the room)
T: Hi Isabell.
I: Hey Tyra, nice to meet you! How are you?
T: I am fine. Are you really listening to these American songs again which just emphasize the good parts of the USA?
I: Yes, of course I like it. What´s your problem? Is it wrong?
T: It´s always the same! The USA is described in a glorious way as the land of heroes and unknown opportunities where everything is possible and all are proud of being American and have perfect attitudes. But they don´t mention the bloody and brutal history of America.
I: I fail to see the logic behind your words. Look at the beginning of the American history. When the settlers came there, they started planting and fertilizing. With God`s help, they built up an incredible country with an own strong nation and culture.
On the 4th of July 1776, the Declaration of Independence was published. Winning the war of Independence, the USA was officially founded. Then growing because of discovering the western part by moving west and settling down.
With new black workers in the south the economic force became stronger and stronger. More over in the north of the state people began industrializing and developing, making the USA to such a beautiful country we know today.
T: It´s astonishing that you believe in these words! What about the brutal Indian removal by settlers where almost all Natives died or the slavery until 1865? Think of the terrible conditions, the heat on plantations, the punishment by whips, rape and hunger from those black slaves had suffered all the time without any rights or protection. Having had numerous victims during the wars like the one of Independence or the Civil one the Americans finally reached their goals.
I: Are you finished?
T: No! Have you ever minded the separation of blacks and whites and have you realized that blacks even after abolition of slavery were treated like objects? I was so shocked about the text we´ve read in school where Will Maxie a black successful farmer is lynched cruelly by white jealous men who aren´t punished for that. Can you imagine that? Terrorism in general is a brutal episode in history, remember to the 9/11. But who wants to sing a song about it?
I: Don´t always look at the bad sides of history. Finally, it´s over, it happened and we can´t change it. ‘This American carnage stops right here and stops right now’ as Trump said. And I think he is right. We are the new generation and now we can change something. Imagine, ‘Everyone is listening to you’ and ‘Now we are looking only to the future’ – what great imagination.
T: In my opinion that´s not possible with Trump. In the past, the people had a dream – the ‘American Dream’. The people had nothing, lived the dream and felt together under God´s help to explore unknown territories and to build up a united wealthy state. You should know that their idea of creating better life for themselves and becoming everything by working hard and having a strong will is part of the ‘American Dream’.
Besides it doesn´t matter how poor you are or which skin colour you have. But that also means that everyone can become president.
I: Yes, that´s quite my point of view!
T: That´s not possible in my opinion. Looking at Trump and former presidents you can see that all have been rich. You always need much money for it and so it´s an impossible goal for poor people. The ‘American Dream’ doesn´t exist anymore. It´s just an illusion. Less and less Americans believe in it. A questionnaire of NBC News even shows that 76% of all Americans don´t think that the next generation will have a better life. Just some people are the lucky ones.
I: No, they aren’t just lucky. They achieved success with really work and their deep belief in a better future. And yes, just luck. But it´s everybody’s dream of a land with opportunities to live for each according to his abilities. Do you remember what Trump said? ‘Rebuilding our country with American hands and American labour’. It states my words. Donald Trump will bring back the ‘American Dream’ to us! He will strengthen the USA by improving infrastructure and only concentrating on our country. He will bring back jobs and stop companies from leaving. And at least he will take away guns from people. Do you know what that means? There will be a change triggering an evolution in the USA and the whole world. Our state will become bigger and as Trump said ‘Great again’ – ‘America first’.
T: You are a dreamer like the Founding Fathers. They also wanted to found a new society, a free independent peaceful democratic state where all are created equal and have inalienable rights. But look around! Have they reached it? Is everybody able to realize his full potential?
I: Sure!
T: Are you fucking kidding me? No! The USA isn´t such a democratic state, remember the strange procedure of elections and of course the skin colour plays a huge role in your life.
I: But Germany is a democratic state or what? Better a dreamer than a pessimist like you! You and your Nazi Germany – I just mention the name Adolf Hitler.
T: Stop talking! We will see what the future might bring. Personally, I think that Trump is going to ruin the country.
I: Think what you want. I´m totally convinced the USA remains the land of unknown opportunities. It will grow up to a united wealthy country where everybody can live and it won´t be important where you are from. Because everybody has the right of life fulfilling the ‘American Dream’ and everyone will be heard, also you!
(Tyra leaves the room; Isabell listens again to the American song)
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